Conlang Portfolio

This is a portfolio of conlangs that clients have commissioned me to create. This does not include any of my personal conlangs or has anything to do with my personal world-building project.

If you would like me to create a conlang for your project, then please look at my Fiverr gig and my Ko-fi page. If you’re not in a rush, I highly recommend Ko-fi since there is no hard deadline, which means I can assure the best quality.

I prefer to use a minimalist approach to conlanging, and I particularly enjoy designing phonologies and creating a lexicon. The natural languages that I have some experience learning, and therefore most familiar with, are Icelandic, Mandarin Chinese, and Japanese. I also like integrating world-building into my conlangs, so it’s important you provide me as much detail as possible.


I created Liyashi for Dragon Royale by Gnarly Games in July 2020, and in-world it’s spoken by dragons. This was a custom package made to include a small logography, and its price was between the ‘standard’ and ‘in-depth’ package.

The Veifa Script

I created the Veifa script for Aetherpunk in March 2021. It’s primarily a written language used to enchant weapons and armour. This is the basic ‘Naming Language’ package, so doesn’t include any grammar.


I created Airës and its script Kslakhro’ for Peter Nielsen in May 2021. It was a standard package with the writing system extra.

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