The Bèshus Language: An Introduction

Bèshus is a daughter language of Nìmpyèshiu primarily spoken in the nation of Bèrangus on the Bèdan continent. It evolved from a dialect of western Nìmpyèshiu spoken by the founders of Bèrangus in 423 NC. It is classified as being part of the ‘Èshustic’ branch of the Nìmpyèrànic language family and is the most widely spoken of which in the Northern Hemisphere.

Map showing first journey from Jánra̤ to the Bèdan continent.

In recent history, Bèshus has had a potent influence on the other languages of Bèdan; most notably on Whédloslẽ and on the Lamak Languages. This is probably because of Bèrangus’s industrial history, advancements in Nanté technology and, more recently, the international popularly of Bibyèn music (a.k.a. ‘B-pop’).

The name ‘Bèshus’ is an endonym for the language meaning ‘northern-speak’. The word Bèshus is also used to specifically to refer the standard language, while Èshus refers to dialectal speech.

Bèshus is a fusional, moratimed, topicprominent language with pitchaccent. Nouns are marked for gender and case, while verbs agree with the head noun of the topic in person and gender. Pronouns are dropped if the verb is intransitive. Verbs can also be conjugated for tense, aspect, and mood. There are no true open-category adjectives in Bèshus, instead intransitive verbs are used to fill this role.

Bèshus is written in a script called Wèmban, which is derived from Nìmpyèwèn logograms. It is mora-based syllabary comprising 103 characters (not including ligatures or characters with diacritic marks). In standard speech, each character corresponds to a single mora; so bimoraic syllables are represented by two characters and trimoraic syllables with three.

The National ‘flower’ of Bèrangus. Containing the Wèmban characters be-e-ra-n-gu-s (starting from the right-most petal going anti-clockwise)

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