Bèshus Lexicon

This is a dictionary listing the currently known words in Bèshus. For more details about the language please see this hub page for an introduction and menu.

Dictionary entries are presented in following way:

word	- part.of.speech. gloss, definition (extra details); other senses [etymology]

Bèshus words are written in a romanisation outlined in this phonology section.

Parts of Speech

conj.	- conjunction
dem.	- demonstrative
int.	- interjection
n.fem.	- feminine noun
n.masc.	- masculine noun
n.mass.	- mass noun
n.neut.	- neuter noun
num.	- number
post.	- postposition
pro.	- pronoun
quant.	- quantifier
v.	- transitive verb
v.c.	- copula verb
v.i.	- intransitive verb

Citation Forms

In the dictionary, verbs and nouns are presented with the full stem. However, some inflectional forms are formed by shortening the stem. These are presented in the dictionary with a bar, |, before the deleted segments.

Certain consonants may change when they become word-final in the short form:

  • Semivowels → Closed vowels; e.g. bikw|o → biku
  • Voiced stop or fricative → Voiceless stop or fricative; e.g. dáb|a → dáp

A vowel can also be lost in the long stem, which indicated in brackets. E.g. eg(a)l|a → egal ‘mushroom’, eglanè ‘mushrooms’.

Close-category words are presented in the following forms:

  • Pronouns are presented in the absolutive case
  • Demonstratives and quantifiers are presented in their determiner forms
  • Postpositions are given in the third person neuter form.


a 	- v.i. to be thin; to be concise, laconic
abá	- quant. each
abán 	- n.fem. season, phase of life [year-part]
abánzas	- n.fem. the previous season, youth
abos 	- n.fem. jewel, a rich person (slang)
adá	- v.i. to be surprising, amazing, outstanding
adá 	- int. Wow! [big]
adán	- int. it stinks!
adebán 	- n.mass. debris, a mess [destruction-part]
adedà 	- v.i. to be destructive [destruction-adjective]
adegén 	- n.masc. earthquake; a spontaneous event [destruction-earth]
adehandà 	- n.masc. sword, penis (slang) [weapon]
adehanlendà 	- n.masc. dagger, a small penis (slang)
adehon 	- v.i. to be murderous, raging [destruction-mind]
adekús 	- n.fem. gale, storm [destruction-wind]
adelamfé	- v. to cheat, hornswoggle, swindle, bamboozle, hoodwink
adelàn 	- n.masc. destroyer, vandal [destruction-person]
adel|am 	- v. to resolve; to heal, to fix, to repair, to mend; to answer a question [destruction-end]
adenà 	- n.masc. vandalism [act of destruction]
adesh	- v.i. to be stern, indignant
adesh 	- v. to damage, to hurt, to harm
adezhas	- n.fem. flood [destruction-water]
adé	- int. gross!, disgusting!
adéchempwen	- n.mass. acid, hydrochloric acid [cockatrice’s spit]
adéchen 	- n.masc. cockatrice; a bitter, unpleasant person (slang) [fire-bird]
adéchenslen	- n.mass. hydrogen [cockatrice’s breath]
adéken 	- n.masc. fire nanté particle [tetrahedron}
adéledan	- n.masc. blast furnace
adélen 	- n.masc. furnace [fire-place]
adéleshas 	- n.fem. stove [fire-hold-water]
adémfen	- n.mass. technology
adémfes	- n.fem. electronic device (formal)
adémpan	- n.fem. the fourth eighth of an hour
adén	- n.fem. fourth hour
adén	- n.mass. cast iron [blend of ‘blast furnace’ and ‘iron’]
adén	- v.i. to be aggressive, instinctive
adén 	- n.masc. fire, flame, the fire element; electronic device (informal); an aggressive person; instinct; south-west
adénshen	- n.fem. fourth day of the week
adéppyen 	- n.masc. Adi̤pyè [fire-red-kind]
adéranyes 	- n.fem. sunset, sunset hour [fire-end-light]
adéranzhan 	- n.masc. fire fighter [fire-end-professional]
adéren	- n.masc. fire priest; male technophile
adér|am 	- v. to extinguish; to deactivate, to switch off, to shutdown (a computer) [fire-end]
adésh 	- v.i. to be safe [fire-out]
adéshes 	- n.fem. fire priestess; female technophile [fire-daughter]
adésh|e	- n.neut. fire priest/priestess (gender neutral); technophile
adétahlush|a	- n.neut. digital camera [digital-camera]
adét|a 	- v.i. to be fiery; to be electronic, digital [fire-adjective]
adúf	- int. so sexy!, hey sexy!
ad|e	- v.i. to be angry [clipped form of murderous]
ad|e 	- v. to vandalise
agàn	- n.fem. leap year
agá|m 	- v.i. to glow, to draw attention
agá|n 	- v. to dare someone
agrè 	- n.neut. line [thin-mark]
ahan 	- n.fem. rope
ahan 	- n.neut. string [thin-thing]
ahandà 	- n.masc. thread
ahandè	- n.mass. clothes
ahandèsem	- n.masc. a spool of thread (clipped)
ahandèsemhan	- n.masc. a spool of thread [string-wheel]
ahás 	- n.fem. ocean, expanse [from Sihu]
aháshes 	- n.fem. bay [ocean-small]
ahénes 	- n.fem. cove [from the Sihu word for bay]
akadà 	- v.i. to be scaly, scabrous; scandalous [scale-adjective]
akadàn	- n.masc. reptile, lizard
akadàs	- n.fem. wyvern, an unruly, hard to manage person
akanà 	- n.masc. scale
akka 	- conj. therefore [then-then]
akwèm	- neut nipple (clipped)
akwèmpan	- n.neut. nipple
akwèn	- n.mass. milk
akwèn 	- n.fem. breast
amá 	- n.neut. the woods
amáhan 	- n.masc. plank, bar (typically wooden) [tree-thing]
amáhan 	- n.mass. wood, fuel, software
amájan 	- n.masc. woodsman [tree-professional]
amáken	- n.masc. pitchfork
amáklen 	- n.masc. antler [tree-arm-animal.part]
amákren	- n.masc. fork
amák|e 	- n.neut. branch, bough [tree-arm]
amán 	- n.masc. tree
amáram 	- n.masc. deforestation [tree-end]
amás 	- n.fem. forest
ambífen	- n.mass. a brand of lab-grown snail-meat
anà 	- n.masc. mentor (male) [from slang for older brother]
andè 	- num. last [end-adjective]
andè 	- v.i. to be eager [wish-adjective]
andé 	- v.i. to be cruel, truculent [wish-red]
andù 	- v.i. to regret [wish-apologise]
anenà 	- n.masc. protégé (male) [from slang for younger brother]
anendà	- num. two (masculine) [brothers]
anendà 	- n.masc. brother
anè	- n.mass. bath-salt [blend of ‘bath’ and ‘salt’]
anés 	- n.fem. a small amount of money [Anía]
anlendà 	- n.masc. grave [end-place]
anràn 	- n.fem. hoper [wish-person]
ansáf|a 	- v.i. to be dead; to be switched off [end-life-have]
an|am 	- v. to give up, to give in [wish-end]
apagrè 	- n.fem. brush-stroke [thick-mark]
apakwèn	- n.mass. cream [thick-milk]
aplamá 	- n.neut. tree-trunk [thick-tree]
aplèn	- n.mass. fat [thick-matter]
ap|a	- n.neut. fat (clipped)
ap|a 	- v.i. to be thick; to be bombastic, to maunder, to babble, to prattle
arap|a 	- n.neut. thinness [thin-thick]
arán 	- n.mass. sweat, tears
aré 	- n.neut. arm; sleeve [limb]
aréhas 	- n.fem. Aréhas (place name) [lake island]
aréken 	- n.masc. Aréken (place name) [peninsula]
arékun	- n.masc. peninsula, headland, cape [limb-land]
arénes 	- n.fem. pond, pool [from Sihu, lake-small]
ar|am 	- n.neut. point, tip [thin-end]
as 	- n.fem. year
ashemhan	- n.neut. clipped word [thin-speak-thing]
ash|e	- n.neut. clipped word (clipped)
atí 	- v.i. to stay over night; to have sex (euphemism) [to camp]
avá	- n.neut. larynx, voice-box
avá 	- num. penultimate [almost]
avá 	- v. to have something, to own, to contain
aváfes	- n.fem. speaker (technology), electro-larynx
aván	- n.masc. war-cry, threat
avás 	- n.fem. voice, doctrine, commandment
azas	- n.fem. last year
azezhalón 	- n.mass. urine (informal) [from Mateshiyu, lake-body.fluid]
azezhís 	- n.fem. swan [from Mateshiyu]
azhá 	- v.i. to be linear, straight; to stand [thin-long]
azháhan 	- n.fem. pole
azháhan 	- n.neut. stick [thin-long-thing]
azhák|en 	- n.neut. line [thin-long-shape]
azitadavó 	- v.i. to travel on foot, to hike [to scout]
azos 	- n.fem. bath
a|m 	- n.neut. end
a|n 	- v. to hope for something, to wish for something, to desire, to want
à	- int. ahh!
à	- n.neut. scream, shriek
à	- v.i. to scream, to shriek
áchet|o 	- v.i. to be dominant [from Ouchiwu, cause-victory]
áda 	- v. to strip (something) naked; to expose to ridicule [show]
ádada	- int. That’s so hot!
ágo|a	- n.neut. citrus fruit (clipped)
ákan 	- n.fem. mentor (female) [from slang]
ákat	- post. in (informal)
áman	- n.masc. swearword [from go̤mam]
án 	- n.fem. peace, tranquillity
án 	- n.neut. egg, animal product
án(e)d|e 	- v.i. to be peaceful, pacifistic [peace-adjective]
án(e)t|en 	- n.neut. pine-cone [conifer]
ánal 	- int. swearword [from go̤nràm]
ánken	- n.masc. egg cell
ánkezan	- n.masc. embryo
ánran 	- n.fem. pacifist [peace-person]
ánshan	- n.mass. egg-white, albumen
ánzafevan	- int. I’m so sorry, apologies
ánzaf|e	- v.i. to propitiate, appease, regain peace
ánzas	- n.fem. halcyon days
ánzat|a	- n.neut. eggshell
ánzhas 	- n.fem. diplomat [peace-professional]
án|am 	- v.i. to declare war, to threaten [peace-end]
án|i 	- v. to castrate, to neuter [from Ouchiwu] [cause-silent]
ápan 	- n.masc. pavement, path [walk]
ápen 	- post. now
ápon 	- post. opposite [side]
áppres 	- n.fem. fin [rudder]
áp|e 	- v.i. white (slang)
ásles 	- v.i. to dig a hole [to pierce]
átafes	- n.fem. compass
átas	- n.fem. sense of direction [way]
átte 	- n.neut. Tsa̤atipyè (informal) [from slang]
átti 	- v. to construct, build [to set up camp]
áttish 	- v. to set up
átwev|i 	- v. to tackle [attack]
babán	- n.fem. puberty 
babos	- n.fem. zircon crystal
badápafegen	- n.fem. a pair of glasses, spectacles
badè 	- v.i. to be valuable, expensive [jewel-adjective]
bafén	- n.mass. crystal (material)
bafés	- n.fem. forgery
bahan 	- n.fem. a piece of jewellery [jewel-thing]
balépan	- n.fem. unit of time about 6 minutes long, eighth of an hour
balínmeren	- n.masc. an musical instrument consisting of a pair of wooden sticks which are struck together [two-male.jackalope-horn]
bamèvefes	- n.fem. a pair of earphones, ear-buds [two-loud-earring]
banán	- n.masc. yoke; a joint effort, collaboration
banán	- v. to co-operate with, to work together
baprélapum	- n.mass. binaural beats [two-ear-beat]
bas 	- n.fem. jewel
bashámhan	- n.masc. cassette [two-tape.roll]
bavá	- v. to need, to require
bavéfes	- n.fem. two star-rating [two-earing]
bazhas 	- n.fem. jeweller [jewel-professional]
bazháhan	- n.fem. ladder
bà	- num. two (neuter) [both]
bà 	- n.neut. garden [from Mateshiyu]
bà 	- v.i. to walk, to be going
bàb|en 	- v.i. to return, to pack up [walk-origin]
bàdas 	- n.fem. destination [walk-way]
bàd|e 	- v.i. to be horticultural [garden-adjective]
bàf|e 	- v.i. to leave, to exit [walk-door]
bàg(a)r|a 	- n.neut. limb [leg]
bàgen 	- n.fem. route [walk-shape]
bàha 	- v.i. to swim (on the surface); to walk on water [walk-lake]
bàhan 	- n.neut. walking shoe, boot [walk-thing]
bàhon 	- v.i. to wonder [walk-mind]
bàhu 	- v. to patrol [walk-ship]
bàlen 	- n.fem. pavement, path [walk-place]
bàmhyet	- post. around [side-near]
bàngat	- post. next to [side-at]
bàn|a 	- v.i. to trot [walk-unicorn]
bàp|e 	- v. to serve, to deliver [walk-cup]
bàram|a 	- v.i. to stroll [walk-tree]
bàran 	- n.fem. hiker [walk-person]
bàren 	- n.masc. paw [animal leg]
bàresh 	- v.i. to astral project, to have a lucid dream; to be insouciant, to be carefree [walk-idea-emotion]
bàreshen	- n.mass. lucid dream (clipped)
bàreshenlen 	- n.mass. lucid dream [walk-idea-emotion-time]
bàr|am 	- v.i. to stop [walk-end]
bàr|en 	- v. to cross [walk-stream]
bàs 	- n.fem. memory [garden]
bàsh	- v. to climb [walk-mountain]
bàsh	- v. to escape [leave]
bàsh 	- v. to tour [walk-city]
bàt|en 	- v.i. to fly [walk-sky]
bàzh|a 	- n.neut. gardener [garden-professional]
bá	- conj. not
bá	- pro. negative relative/existential marker, there’s no …
bá 	- num. 4096 (163)
bá 	- v.i. to be uneven, bumpy, unequal, unbalanced; to be nonpareil
bábes 	- n.fem. deal [both-benefit]
báhan 	- n.neut. pair [both-thing]
báhan 	- v.i. to be both, each
bájan(e)l|en 	- n.neut. maze, labyrinth [both-pour-place]
bákkenzhiren 	- n.masc. a pair of reins, the ability to control, leadership [both-cause-turn-tack]
bákkon 	- v. to stare at, to make eye-contact with [both-look]
bákkonlen 	- n.mass. eye-contact [both-look-time]
bám 	- v.c. to not be
bám(a)b|a 	- v.i. to be neither [not-both]
bám(a)b|a 	- v.i. to be paralysed, disabled [not-walk]
bám(a)v|a 	- v.i. to be alone [not-other]
bám(a)v|a 	- v.i. to be mute [not-voice]
bám(a)v|a 	- v.i. to be unexpected [not-seem]
bám(e)b|e 	- v.i. to be insufficient [not-enough]
bám(e)b|em 	- v.i. to be mentally healthy, to be sane [healthy]
bám(e)v|e 	- v.i. to be lonely [not-friend]
bám(e)v|e 	- v.i. to be pointless [not-benefit]
bám(o)v|o 	- v.i. to be homeless, to be lost (progressive) [not-home]
bám(u)b|u 	- v.i. to be sad, unhappy, depressed [not-happy]
bámaded|e 	- v.i. to be nondestructive [not-destruction-adjective]
báman 	- n.masc. war [not-peace]
báman 	- v.i. to be deaf [not-ear]
bámash 	- v.i. to be curved [not-thin-long]
bámb(a)r|an 	- v.i. to be childless [not-child]
bámbakun 	- n.masc. plain, country-side [not-uneven-land]
bámbeny|e 	- v.i. to be dim, dull, boring [not-loud-light]
bámbush	- v.i. to be melancholy 
bámhanyel|an	- n.neut. nihilist
bámhany|e	- n.neut. nihilism
bámhon 	- v.i. to be mad, insane [not-mind]
bámvashel|an	- n.neut. solipsist
bámvash|e	- n.neut. solipsism
bám|an 	- v.i. to be desperate, hopeless [not-wish]
bán 	- n.masc. an unmarried person, a surname that is given to unmarried men [unmarried man]
bán(a)sh|a 	- n.neut. secret, mystery [not-know]
bán(a)t|a	- v.i. to be bald, hairless; to be barren; to be absent minded [no-hair]
bán(a)t|an 	- v.i. to be toothless [not-tooth]
bán(a)zh|a 	- n.neut. engineer [part-professional]
bán(e)d|e	- v.i. to be partial [part-adjective]
bán(e)d|e 	- v.i. to be free, wild (animals) [not-red]
bán(e)g|e 	- v. to disprove, to debunk, to counter-argue [not-prove]
bán(e)k|e 	- v. to share [part-cause]
bán(o)l|om 	- v.i. to be healthy [not-swell]
bánas	- v. to hide [not-show]
bánash	- v.i. to be esoteric, secret, mysterious
báneanw|o	- v.i. to stumble; to guess, to suppose [blind-move]
báne|a 	- v.i. to be unwanted [not-want]
báne|an 	- v.i. to be blind [not-eye]
bángan|en 	- n.neut. only child [not-older.sister-younger.brother]
bánglas 	- n.fem. fast, hunger-strike [not-food]
báns(a)l|a 	- v.i. to be bland, tasteless, insipid, vapid [not-salt]
bánslashemhan	- v.i. pablum, pap [not-salt-speak-thing]
bántal|an 	- n.neut. a bald person [no-hair-person]
bánzas	- n.fem. the previous season, youth (clipped)
bánzat|a	- n.neut. broken part
bárutin	- n.masc. a herd of unicorns [both-canter]
bár|am 	- v. to flatten [uneven-end]
bár|am 	- v.i. to be flat, even
bás 	- n.fem. price, cost, worth [from Sihu]
básh 	- v. to confuse [both-pour]
báshas 	- n.fem. wave [uneven-water]
báshun	- n.masc. melee, donnybrook 
básh|u	- n.neut. confusion, doubt
bá|n 	- n.neut. part, half
be 	- v.i. to be bright (colour)
bedrezón 	- n.mass. hardwood [bright-wood]
beg(a)l|a 	- n.neut. a bio-luminescent fungi [bright-food]
bekadweví 	- v.i. to resign from a match [to surrender]
belándapas	- n.fem. calomel crystal [orange-crystal]
belá|n	- v.i. to be orange
bel|am 	- v. to darken [bright-end]
bené 	- n.neut. twilight [bright-night]
benlen 	- n.fem. source [origin-place]
beprutídan	- n.masc. business, company
beprutín 	- n.masc. a group of co-workers/colleagues [heard of unicorns]
bevé	- n.neut. vagina (slang)
bezá 	- v. to illuminate, to light up, to brighten [bright-show]
be|n 	- n.neut. origin
bè 	- n.neut. lower back [from Mateshiyu word ‘back’]
bèbes 	- n.fem. weight [anchor]
bèb|a 	- v.i. to stumble [heavy-walk]
bèdan 	- n.masc. Bèdan (northern continent)
bèg(a)l|a 	- n.neut. feast [heavy-food]
bèhan 	- n.fem. anchor [heavy-thing]
bèhan 	- n.masc. weight [heavy-thing]
bèhan 	- n.neut. backpack [back-thing]
bèhe|a 	- v.i. to be difficult [heavy-carry]
bèk|en 	- v.i. to be active [heavy-work]
bèlangan 	- n.fem. the queen of Bèrangus
bèlen 	- n.fem. north [northern-place]
bèm(a)b|a 	- n.neut. walk [now-walk]
bèmflahan 	- n.neut. euthanasia [now-cut-thin-thing]
bèmhon 	- v.i. to be insane, crazy, mad [stupid]
bèmnazh|a 	- n.neut. quack, charlatan [doctor]
bèm|a 	- v. to crush [heavy-press]
bèm|am 	- v. to heal [sick-end]
bèm|fe	- v.i. to malinger, to fake illness
bèn	- n.fem. moment, instance (clipped)
bèn	- n.neut. board game (clipped)
bèn	- v.i. to be important
bèn 	- n.masc. burning, bonfire (clipped)
bèn 	- n.masc. gravity, importance [heavy]
bèn 	- post. at (time, angle), now
bèn(e)d|e 	- n.neut. tonight [now-night]
bèn(e)d|e 	- v.i. to be immediate [now-adjective]
bèn(e)l|en 	- n.neut. mental hospital [sick-place]
bènaden 	- n.masc. burning, bonfire [now-fire]
bènan	- n.masc. vehicle [back-unicorn]
bènap|a 	- n.neut. thickening [now-thick]
bènas 	- n.fem. this year [now-year]
bèng(a)l|a 	- n.neut. plate, dish, dinner; disk [meal]
bènglas	- n.fem. banquet
bènlegen 	- n.fem. moment, instance
bènles 	- n.fem. present (time) [now-time]
bènrab|a 	- n.neut. crawl [now-bad-walk]
bènran 	- n.masc. mentally-ill person [patient]
bènshehan 	- n.neut. board game [now-little-thing]
bènshep|a 	- n.neut. stroll [now-good-walk]
bènzhembun	- n.masc. sport, match
bènzhembus 	- n.fem. game [now-experience-happy]
bèn|am 	- n.neut. ending [now-end]
bèn|an 	- n.neut. hope [now-wish]
bèram 	- n.masc. tail [back-end]
bèramhan 	- n.neut. brush [back-end-thing]
bèrangus	- n.fem. the kingdom of Beràngus  [north-queen-country]
bèr|a	- n.neut. brush (clipped)
bèsan	- n.mass. nickel (clipped)
bèsandazhen	- n.mass. nickel [heavy-cobalt]
bèsh(e)l|e 	- n.neut. unit of density (clipped)
bèshlen	- n.mass. density (clipped)
bèshlendan 	- n.mass. density [heavy-small-light-big]
bèshlendap|an 	- n.neut. unit of density
bèshus	- n.fem. Bèshus language, standard Bèshus
bèsh|e 	- v.i. dense, compact [heavy-small]
bè|m 	- v.i. to be ill, sick, unhealthy, weak
bé 	- v.c. to be enough, sufficient
bé 	- v.i. to be white
bébafen	- n.mass. feldspar [white-crystal]
béhan 	- n.neut. supply, stock [enough-thing]
béhepeles 	- n.fem. agreement [deal]
békanslen	- n.mass. nitrogen
béran 	- n.masc. a jackalope disease, which symptoms include blindness and a white discharge [white-end-see]
béren	- n.masc. Béren - placename
bér|am 	- v. to deplete, to use up [enough-end]
béslan	- n.mass. borax, tincal [white-salt]
béttas 	- n.fem. Béttas (place name) [river island]
béttles 	- n.fem. Béttles (place name) [river delta]
bétuve|i 	- v.i. to surrender [enough-combat]
bi 	- n.neut. health, well-being; quality
bibyèn 	- n.mass. B-pop, pop music from Bèrangus [from pop-music with reduplicated first character]
bikené|n 	- v.i. medical [health-cause-can]
bikesh 	- v. to treat a patient [health-cause-small]
bikw|o	- n.neut. Biku, a dance style
binà	- n.masc. strength, integrity, usefulness
bis	- n.fem. value, sheen
bizadrezón 	- n.mass. Bizamaté wood [from Mateshiyu, bright-wood]
bizamaté|n 	- n.neut. Bizamaté tree [from Mateshiyu, bright-tree]
bizané 	- v.i. to be biological (medical)
bizán 	- v. to care for someone [treat a patient]
bín	- n.mass. escargot, snail-meat (clipped)
blamá 	- n.neut. angiosperm tree (formal) [bright-tree]
blánagoaraman	- n.masc. orange tree [orange-tree]
blánago|a	- n.neut. orange [orange-citrus]
ble 	- n.neut. belly-button, navel [belly]
blelés 	- n.fem. keel [from Sihu]
blezé 	- n.neut. navel [from Mateshiyu]
bóbokun	- n.masc. chicken
bóbok|u	- n.neut. to cluck like a chicken
bón	- n.masc. roadside, pavement
bós 	- n.fem. riverbank, riverside
bran 	- n.fem. girl (informal)
brandà 	- n.masc. boy
brandè 	- v.i. to be childish, petulant, puerile, silly, foolish [child-adjective]
branhon 	- v.i. to be naive [child-mind]
branlé 	- n.neut. childhood [child-time]
bran|am 	- v.i. to grow up [child-end]
bra|n 	- n.neut. child
bráda	- int. Brrr! That’s so cold!
bú 	- v.i. to be ecstatic, overjoyed
búhan 	- n.fem. happiness [happy-thing]
búlano	- int. thank-you
búl|a 	- v. to thank [happy-receive]
búr|am 	- v. to bore [happy-end]
byèfen	- n.mass. synthpop, electronic music
byèl|an	- n.fem. practitioner of the Sànyìa religion 
byèn	- n.mass. pop music
byès	- n.fem. The Sànyìa religion (informal)
byé	- n.neut. heart (organ)
byé	- n.neut. sheep (clipped)
byén	- n.masc. ram (clipped)
byés	- n.fem. ewe (clipped)
byés	- n.fem. the many, the populous, the hoi polloi
byoppídan	- n.masc. a pair sheers
byoppín	- n.masc. a pair of scissors, pliers
da	- pro. they (singular), third person neuter pronoun
dadémfen	- v.i. to be low tech, primitive
dahoáha 	- v. to search, to look around [navigate]
dahwéshedis 	- n.fem. spatial awareness [navigation]
dakwèn	- n.fem. waist, belt
damás	- n.fem. forest floor
daré	- n.neut. forearm
davá	- n.neut. trachea, windpipe
daváfes	- n.fem. wind instrument, aerophone, pipe
dazhén 	- n.masc. monster [from Mateshiyu]
dàdwevin 	- n.masc. battle [big-combat]
dàfes 	- n.fem. compass
dàk|e 	- v. to navigate [way-cause]
dàn|em 	- v. to invade [big-seize]
dàs 	- n.fem. way, direction
dàs 	- v. to blast [big-breathe]
dàsheas 	- n.fem. navigation (formal) [way-study]
dàtelen 	- n.masc. lodestone [way-stone]
dàt|an 	- v. to loot [big-take]
dàven 	- n.fem. cross [direction-character]
dàven(e)d|e 	- v.i. to be cross-shaped [direction-character-adjective]
dàv|e	- v.i. to be cross-shaped (clipped); to cross legs, to sit on the ground
dá 	- v.i. to be big, large; to be tall
dábogan 	- n.fem. palace
dábos 	- n.fem. mansion [big-house]
dáb|a 	- v. to shout [big-voice]
dáches 	- v.i. to be magnificient
dáhokkas 	- n.fem. career (clipped)
dákas	- int. it’s too bright!
dákedan 	- n.masc. Dákedan [continent]
dákelam 	- n.masc. cliff, cliff-face
dákelamfes	- n.fem. wall, barrier
dákelan 	- n.fem. beach
dákel|am 	- n.neut. coast [big-land-end]
dáken	- int. It’s too loud!
dáklas 	- n.fem. feast [big-food]
dálegan	- n.fem. era, eon, a period of time greater than 200 years
dálegen	- n.fem. generation, a period of time between 1 and 25 years
dálegenshen	- n.fem. zeitgeist [generation’s mood]
dáles 	- n.fem. age, a period of time between 25 and 200 years [big-time]
dámup	- int. alas!, So sad!
dán	- n.masc. mister, mr., a great man
dán	- n.masc. stable, garage (clipped)
dápafegen	- n.fem. a pair of glasses, spectacles (clipped)
dápafegen	- n.fem. lens
dápafem(e)p|e	- n.neut. a glass
dápafemvon	- n.masc. greenhouse [glass-house]
dápafen	- n.mass. glass
dápafes 	- n.fem. window, screen
dápas 	- n.fem. crystal [big-jewel]
dápas 	- n.fem. hike, trek [big-walk]
dáppe|a 	- v.i. to be ancient [big-old]
dáp|an 	- n.neut. majority [big-part]
dáp|ran 	- n.neut. teenager [big-child]
dáradek	- int. it’s too spicy!
dáraden 	- n.masc. catastrophe, disaster [big-disaster]
dárahan 	- n.fem. rope [big-thin-thing]
dáran 	- n.fem. empress [big-queen]
dáran 	- n.fem. faith, trust [big-peace]
dárangus 	- n.fem. empire [big-queen-country]
dárap|a 	- v.i. to be bulky, fat [big-thick]
dárut|i 	- v.i. to gallop [big-canter]
dár|a 	- v.i. to gleam [big-shine]
dár|am 	- v.i. to be ultimate, final [big-end]
dár|an	- v.i. to be perfidious, treacherous, disloyal, deceitful (clipped)
dás	- n.fem. ms., a great woman
dás 	- v.i. to be huge, gigantic, very big, major, great
dásh 	- v.i. to be great (quallity) [big-good]
dátem	- int. ouch!, ow!, it hurts!
dátteb|en 	- n.neut. bean [big-green-origin]
debán	- n.fem. child (formal), prepubescent person
debán	- v.i. prepubescent
debis	- v.i. to be low-grade, cheap, rubbish
defén	- n.masc. threshold (of a door)
degám(a)v|a	- n.neut. infra-sound
degám(a)v|a	- v.i. to be infrasonic
degémfes	- n.fem. floor (of a building), platform, deck 
degén	- n.masc. ground, the ground floor
deglagrà	- n.neut. duodenum
degrá|n	- n.neut. philtrum
dehatéshal|e	- n.neut. the Dehatéshal scale, a traditional pentatonic scale [red-yellow-green-blue-violet]
dekep|e	- v.i. to be at a subzero temperature, below freezing point
dek|a	- n.neut. lower lip
denes	- n.fem. member of a group under a leader
denkón	- n.fem. infrared light	
denkó|n	- v.i. to be infrared
deshem	- n.masc. slang term, colloquialism
deshemnè	- n.mass. slang, vernacular
deshe|m	- v.i. to be colloquial
deshù	- n.neut. sole
deshyé	- n.neut. lower leg, calf, shin
detà	- v. to tie down, to tie something to the ground, to anchor 
detàs	- n.fem. anchor
deté	- n.neut. humility
detéfes	- n.fem. false humility, sycophant
detéf|e	- v.i. to be obsequious 
detén	- n.fem. outdoors, exterior
detén	- v.i. to be outdoors, outside, exterior
devonà	- n.masc. cellar, basement
devonàfen	- n.masc. cellar-door
dezhán	- n.fem. body (excluding head), paragraph
de|an	- n.neut. cheek
dé 	- v.i. to be red; to work hard; to be plebeian, lower-class
déchen	- v.i. to be splenetic, irritable, spiteful, cranky (clipped)
déchen 	- n.masc. pain, sadness, misery [red-emotion]
déchenshu	- v.i. to be dejected, miserable, low in spirits
déken 	- n.masc. fire nanté particle (clipped)
délen 	- n.masc. furnace (clipped)
déleshafes	- n.fem. electric stove
déleshas	- n.fem. stove (clipped)
démfen	- n.mass. tech, technology (clipped)
démpan	- n.fem. the fourth eighth of an hour (clipped)
dén	- n.masc. danger, out-of-control fire (clipped)
dén	- v.i. to be craven, cowardly, pusillanimous (clipped)
dénin	- n.mass. red clay [red-clay]
dénshen	- n.fem. fourth day of the week (clipped)
déppyen	- n.masc. Adi̤pyè (clipped)
dérambette 	- v.i. albino [red-eye-white-fur]
déran 	- n.masc. slave [red-person]
déranyes 	- n.fem. sunset, sunset hour (clipped)
déranzhan 	- n.masc. fire fighter (clipped)
déren	- n.masc. fire priest; male technophile (clipped)
déres	- n.fem. sunrise, sunrise-hour (clipped)
désh 	- v.i. to be pink
déshes 	- n.fem. fire priestess; female technophile (clipped)
déslembas	- n.fem. ruby [red-fog-jewel]
détahlush|a	- n.neut. digital camera (clipped)
dizhinsoté 	- v.i. pure, unaltered, uncorrupted [red-eye-white-fur]
dizhinsotés 	- n.fem. albino jackalope [red-eye-white-fur]
dìtto	- n.neut. Dìttoilok (continent) (clipped)
dìttoilok|o	- n.neut. Dìttoilok (continent) [from the Erkeling word for ‘overseas’]
dlèken	- n.masc. subatomic particle
doahátten 	- n.masc. a martial art that uses nanté [fight-use-sacred]
doantáfes	- n.fem. train
doantán	- n.masc. unicorn and cart [cart-unicorn]
doavo 	- v. to punch [fight-hand]
doavonà 	- n.masc. fist, punch
doáprales 	- n.fem. organisation (clipped)
donà	- n.masc. cart, wagon, carriage, trailer, any unmotorised wheeled vehicle
do|a 	- v.i. to fight, to argue
dò 	- num. twelve
dòpas	- n.fem. 200 years [twelve-eight]
dòzhol|a 	- n.neut. dodecahedron (mathematical) [twelve-same-five]
dóm 	- v.i. to be early
dón 	- n.fem. past
dónzas	- n.fem. the distant past, ancient times
dre|m 	- n.neut. bark (formal)
dù 	- v. to apologise to someone
dúsh 	- v.i. to be medium-large, somewhat large
dwekén 	- n.mass. procrustean bed, arbitrary but ruthless standards [duty, cast]
dwes	- n.fem. truth, correctness
dwesh 	- v.i. to be accurate
dwevín 	- n.masc. combat [from Ouchiwu]
dwezhés 	- n.fem. virtue [correct-good]
dwobèm 	- n.masc. mental health [strength]
dwobèmhon 	- n.fem. willpower [intelligence]
dwogàn	- v.i. to be high pressure
dwogen	- v.i. to be low pressure
dwogràn 	- n.masc. muscle [strong-body.part]
dwohon 	- v.i. to be intelligent, wise [strong-mind]
dwolendà 	- n.masc. fort, castle [strong-place]
dwolendàzan	- n.masc. ruin
dwolèn 	- n.masc. meat [animal muscle]
dwolòm 	- n.masc. strength, fitness [strong-swell]
dwolòmhon 	- n.fem. intelligence [strong-swell-mind]
dwol|am 	- v.i. to be weak, to be infective, to be feckless, to be lazy [to weaken]
dwos	- n.fem. pressure (weather), faith, wealth
dw|e 	- v.i. to be right, correct, true
dw|o 	- v.i. to be strong, fit, athletic, mighty
e	- quant. any
e 	- v. to love
eabáhan	- v.i. to be ambivalent
eabinà	- v. to aspire to
eabos	- n.fem. rich person (formal)
eadálegan	- v.i. to be patient, to be still, to be in a deep state of meditation
eadenà	- n.masc. schadenfreude 
eadé	- v. to truckle, to submit, to obey
eafáhim	- v.i. to want to harm, to be full of malice
eafáhin	- n.masc. malice
eafé	- v. to importune
eafén	- n.masc. dilettante, amateur 
eaháttoalan	- n.mass. zeal, alacrity 
eaháttoal|a	- v.i. to be eager
eahwèdlos	- n.fem. someone who appreciates Whédlosian culture
eahyevambín	- n.masc. molluscivore, someone who likes snail meat; someone with unusual tastes
eakaván	- v.i. to be aggressive, threatening, looking for trouble
eakén	- n.masc. sweet tooth
eaklá|m	- v.i. to be didactic, preachy 
eaklè	- v. to prefer 
eamèn	- v.i. to be electrically conductive
eanéndes	- v.i. to consume a large amount of energy, to be inefficient
eanlás 	- n.fem. teardrop [eye-sweat]
eapé	- v.i. to be thirsty
easas	- n.fem. a law abiding citizen
eashaháb|a	- v.i. to be malevolent
eashem|a	- n.neut. minimalist
eashezhunà	- n.masc. someone who appreciates Yezhunà
eashe|m	- v.i. to be talkative, loquacious	
eashèn	- v.i to be philharmonic, to love music
eashé	- v. to intend to, to mean
eashé	- v.i. to move in-wards
eashì	- v.i. to be eccentric, weird
eashós	- n.fem. piscivore, pescatarian
eashus	- n.fem. language enthusiast, linguophile
eashyèhan	- n.neut. bibliophile
eatà	- v.i. to be adhesive, sticky; to hesitate
eatekedá	- n.neut. herbivore
eaváttreken	- n.masc. carnivore, non-vegetarian
eavúhu	- v.i. to be horny
eavúsh	- v.i. to be captious, faulting, difficult to please
eazér|en	- v.i. to be suicidal
eazhámhan	- n.neut. omnivore
eazhámhan	- v.i. to be omnivorous 
eazhunà	- n.masc. alcoholic
eazo	- v.i. to be suicidal, to have a death wish
eazofanà	- v.i. to be patricidal
eazomàfas	- v.i. to be parricidal
eazomàs	- v.i. to be matricidal
eazová	- v.i. to be infanticidal
eà	- n.neut. terror, dread, despair
eàk|e 	- v. to offer (formal) [want-cause]
eàshen 	- n.masc. fear, horror [want-out]
eà|n 	- v.i. to be serious
eáha	- v.i. to be silly, jovial
eán	- n.neut. ovivore, someone who likes eggs
ebanà 	- n.masc. greed [love-jewel]
ebá 	- v.i. to be indecisive [love-both]
ebès 	- n.fem. canal [borrowed from Sihu]
ebé 	- v.i. to be enough
eblós 	- n.fem. bank [from Sihu]
ebó 	- v.i. to be happy
eg(a)l|a	- n.neut. mushroom, fungi [reanalysis from begal]
egán 	- n.masc. armour, sports kit [from Ouchiwu]
egen 	- n.fem. protégée (female) [from slang for younger sister]
eglanè	- n.mass. mycoprotein
eharé	- v.i. to be hard working
eì 	- v.i. to be dry, in the west
eìbin	- n.mass. dried snail-meat
eìfen 	- n.masc. sandbag [dry-powder]
eìfen 	- n.mass. humidity, longitude
eìken	- n.mass. sugar (powdered form)
eìs 	- n.fem. west
eìshegen 	- n.masc. a grain of wheat
eìshegen 	- n.mass. sand [dry-small-earth]
eíheswen 	- n.masc. tube, pipe, cylinder, can [tunnel]
eíntadan	- n.masc. kiln
eíntan 	- n.masc. oven [forge]
ekke 	- conj. because [cause-cause]
ekush 	- v.i. to giggle
ek|a 	- v. to laugh at
em 	- v.c. to be
emhe 	- v.i. to be perfect [reanalysis of mihita̤un]
emnèn 	- n.fem. telepath [be-silent]
empakwèn	- n.mass. butter [turn-thick-milk]
enà	- n.masc. lust
engán 	- n.masc. helmet, head-guard [from Ouchiwu]
engás	- n.fem. hat, head-dress, headband, hood
enlas 	- n.fem. new year [turn-year]
enré 	- v. to reflect, to refute [turn-sun]
enréhan 	- n.fem. mirror [turn-sun-thing]
enté 	- v.i. to become enlightened [be-sacred]
enzhás 	- n.fem. steersman, pilot [turn-professional]
er|am 	- v.i. to become relieved [love-end]
es	- n.fem. love, romance
esh	- int. that’s BS (clipped)
esh 	- v. to like, to be accustomed to
eshadén	- n.masc. danger, out-of-control fire 
eshaf|o	- v.i. to be maladroit, inept
eshage|n	- n.neut. distortion, hallucination, mutation
eshage|n	- v.i. to be distorted, mutated
eshaglagrà	- n.neut. stomach ache
eshagoá	- v.i. to be sour
eshagoágo|a	- n.neut. citrus fruit
eshagùran	- n.masc. criminal, malefactor, scoundrel
eshahá	- n.neut. stomach ache
eshahábafes	- n.fem. calumny, a false accusation
eshaháb|a	- v. to malign, to vilify, to say harmful things about someone
eshahán	- v.i. to be dubious, unreliable
eshahon	- n.fem. neurosis
eshahrés	- n.fem. turpitude
eshakléshen	- n.masc. perdition
eshamáhan	- n.mass. malware
eshanenà	- n.masc. parasite
eshapé	- v.i. to be poisonous; to be disgusting (drink)
eshapí	- v.i. to be freaky
eshapín	- n.masc. freak
eshapwè	- n.neut. invective, vituperation
eshapwè	- v.i. to be vituperative
eshashemhan	- n.neut. malediction, curse, slander; cacophony
eshashe|m	- v.i. to curse, to swear, to blaspheme
eshashèn(e)d|e	- v.i. to be banal, tediously boring
eshaso|a	- n.neut. nightmare
eshatà	- v.i. to be possessed
eshavash	- int. that’s BS
eshavazh|u	- n.neut. BS
eshavé	- v.i. to be unromantic
eshavív|i	- n.neut. trickster
eshazenslenè	- v.i. to be dishevelled, unfashionable
eshazhe|n	- v.i. to be disappointed 
eshazhén	- n.mass. rusty metal, rust
eshazhén	- v.i. to be rusty
eshàda	- int. oh no!, oh dear!
esháhan	- n.mass. dark comedy
eshépezat|a	- n.neut. malcontent, kvetcher, a person who’s hard to satisfy
eshér|en	- n.neut. ego, selfishness
eshlàn	- n.masc. an act of malfeasance 
eshlò|m	- n.neut. tumour	
eshyèn	- n.masc. malaise, a vague feeling of discomfort
eshyé	- n.neut. heart disease
eshyé	- v.i. to be unhealthy, unfit, inactive
eshyéhan	- n.fem. envy, jealousy
eté 	- v.i. swearword [from té]
evá	- n.neut. lover, girlfriend/boyfriend
eván	- n.masc. boyfriend
evánzan	- n.masc. ex-boyfriend
evás	- n.fem. girlfriend
evázas	- n.fem. ex-girlfriend
evázat|a	- n.neut. ex-lover, ex-girlfriend/ex-boyfriend
evenà 	- n.masc. strategy [love-benefit]
evé	- n.neut. orifice
evé 	- v. to ask something
evé 	- v. to transmit [call]
evédan	- n.masc. vault
evéfes	- n.fem. piercing, earring; priesthood, musical talent
evén 	- int. leave! [door]
evén 	- v. to find, to determine, to establish
evésash	- v. to bother someone
evé|m 	- v.i. to come
ezhé 	- v.i. stupid (swearing)
ezhém 	- n.neut. wimp [from nervous]
e|an 	- n.neut. eye, sight, field of view
èshus	- n.fem. dialect, non-standard Bèshus [reanalysis of Bèshus]
éb|e 	- n.neut. balance
échem 	- v.i. to beg
édan 	- n.masc. continent
édan 	- n.masc. foreskin [ring]
éha 	- n.neut. Gi̤hopyè (informal) [from slang]
ékanshan	- n.mass. carbon dioxide [clear-smoke]
ékanslen	- n.mass. air, clear air (without the fog) [clear-air]
éklen	- n.mass. experiment
ék|am 	- v.i. to be certain, clear, trenchant; indeed (adverb)
ék|e 	- n.neut. forearm [arm]
ék|e 	- v. to test, to experiment with
élapum	- n.mass. binaural beats (clipped)
én 	- n.masc. land, landmass, large island [island]
épet	- post. behind [back]
éppi 	- n.neut. Adi̤pyè (informal); plebeian, a lower-class person [from slang]
ép|e 	- v.i. to be northern
ép|em 	- v.i. ill (swearing)
éren 	- n.masc. island
ér|en	- n.neut. self, identity
ésh 	- int. swearword [combination of ichi̤ and o̤ma]
éto 	- int. sorry!
ét|e 	- v.i. to be insular, isolated [island-adjective]
fadán	- n.masc. father (of somebody else)
fadebyé 	- n.neut. sheep [spiral-shaped horn]
fadebyén 	- n.masc. ram
fadebyés	- n.fem. ewe
fagàn 	- n.fem. father (of the speaker)
fagàngen 	- n.fem. paternal aunt
famàgan 	- n.fem. paternal grandmother (formal)
famàs 	- n.fem. paternal grandmother (informal)
fanà	- n.masc. dad (of somebody else)
fas	- n.fem. dad (of the speaker)
favadàna 	- n.masc. paternal grandfather (of somebody else, formal)
favagàn 	- n.fem. paternal grandfather (of the speaker, formal)
favanà 	- n.masc. paternal grandfather (of somebody else, informal)
favas 	- n.fem. paternal grandfather (of the speaker, informal)
fá	- n.neut. pause, caesura
fá 	- v. to cut, to slice 
fá 	- v.i. to be almost
fáchoppin	- n.masc. razor-blade
fáhan 	- n.neut. possession [have-thing]
fáhim 	- v. to injure, to harm [to draw blood]
fáhinzhembu	- v.i. to be cruel, sadistic [harm-enjoy]
fáhon 	- v.i. to be aware [have-mind]
fáhre 	- v.i. to crack [almost-break]
fák|en 	- v.i. to be solid [have-shape]
fál|e 	- v.i. to be available, free [have-time]
fárahan 	- v. to euthanise, to cut an umbilical cord [cut-thin-thing]
fáram|a 	- n.neut. stump [cut-tree]
fáran 	- n.fem. owner [have-person]
fár|am 	- v. to lose something [have-end]
fás 	- n.fem. flap [from Heyuhete]
fásh 	- v.i. to be hydrated, quenched [have-water]
fát|a	- n.neut. razor [cut-hair]
fáv|o	- n.neut. vivisection
fe 	- v.i. to be wet, in the east
fedé 	- v.i. to beg [from Sihu]
fegén 	- n.masc. marsh [wet-earth]
fegés 	- n.fem. swamp
fehan 	- n.fem. sponge [wet-thing]
feláchelen 	- n.mass. frit [powder-blue, from Shiholiro]
fel|am 	- v. to dry [wet-end]
fembén	- n.mass. plaster (formal) [powder-white, calque from Shiholiro]
fen(a)sh|a	- n.neut. shard
fenán 	- n.masc. effect [from Shiholiro]
fendè 	- n.mass. flour, powder, calx
feng(a)l|a 	- n.neut. loaf of bread [flour-food]
fengédan	- n.masc. main entrance, front door; the most common, straight forward way to solving a problem
fengén 	- n.masc. door, entrance; first step in solving a problem [from Shiholiro]
fengénken	- n.masc. lobby, reception
fengéren	- n.masc. back door, secret passage; a creative way to solve a problem
fenràden 	- n.mass. talcum powder (formal) [powder-shine-adjective, calque from Shiholiro]
fenshan 	- n.mass. stained-glass [powder-blue, from Shiholiro]
fes 	- n.fem. east
feslén	- v. to steam
feslén 	- n.mass. steam [wet-fog]
feslés 	- n.fem. cloud
fetegén	- n.mass. moss
fezhenè 	- n.mass. potash [wet-ash]
fezhenèslan	- n.mass. salt of tartar [potash-salt]
fezhenèzhen	- n.mass. potassium [potash-metal]
fé	- n.neut. request, inquiry
fé 	- v. to ask, to request
féf|em 	- v. to invite [ask-come]
féhan 	- n.neut. artifact [make-thing]
féhanhasles 	- n.fem. fog artifact, an object made from fog [make-thing-use-fog]
féhas 	- v. to make a fog artifact, to cause something spontaneously appear; to condense [make-use-fog]
fémhim 	- v. to visit, to come and go (+prepositional phrase) [come-go]
fémhinles 	- n.fem. visit [come-go-time]
fémhinran 	- n.fem. visitor, guest [come-go-person]
fén	- v. to purify/treat water (clipped)
féndan 	- n.masc. scout [find-way]
fénesh 	- v.i. to be fine (quality), to be splendid [beautiful-good]
féneshus	- n.fem. finery, ornament, decoration
féngranhan 	- n.fem. sculpture, statue [beautiful-rough-thing]
fénhan	- n.fem. work of art [beautiful-thing]
fénlen	- n.mass. water purification/treatment (clipped)
fénshu	- int. please!
fénshyes 	- n.fem. poem [beautiful-write]
fénwos 	- n.fem. dance
fénw|o 	- v.i. to dance [beautiful-move]
fét|e 	- v.i. to be artificial [make-adjective]
fé|n 	- v. to find a romantic partner, to attract, to lure someone, to seduce
fé|n 	- v.i. to be beautiful, seductive, alluring, attractive, irresistible
fláhren	- n.mass. talcum powder (informal) [powder-shine-adjective, from Shiholiro]
fláttlan 	- n.mass. plaster (informal) [powder-white, from Shiholiro]
fo 	- n.neut. hand, palm; handful; skill, technique, aptitude; sign; skilled worker
fobán 	- n.masc. handle [hand-part]
fog|en 	- n.neut. hand print [hand-shape]
fohan 	- n.neut. glove [hand-thing]
foitadavón 	- n.masc. traveller [scout]
fonà	- n.masc. fighting technique
fondè 	- v.i. to be extreme [very-adjective]
fonkwos 	- n.fem. south (informal), hot-humid weather, hot-humid air
fonkw|o 	- v.i. to be hot, in the south [very-warm]
fos	- n.fem. stroke, swimming technique
fozhus 	- n.fem. sign language [hand-language]
fò 	- v. to throw, to force, to send
fòben 	- n.fem. authority [throw-origin]
fòl|a 	- v. to catch [throw-accept]
fòm 	- v. to curse, to castigate, to execrate (clipped)
fòmenyehan 	- v. to curse, to castigate, to execrate [throw-loud-light-thing]
fòn	- n.masc. power (physical), force, brute strength
fòs 	- n.fem. power (political), current
fòs 	- v. to bless something (direct object) on someone (indirect object); to sprinkle
fòsh	- v.i. to flash (clipped)
fòsh 	- v.i. to explode, to burst; to fulminate, to have an outburst [throw-out]
fòsh 	- v.i. to splash, to row [throw-water]
fòsheny|e 	- v.i. to flash [throw-out-light]
fòshuslen	- v.i. to burst into a puff of smoke [throw-out-fog]
fòteb|en 	- v. to sow, to plant; to inspire someone (indirect object) to do something (direct object) [throw-green-origin]
fó 	- v. to care for something
fó 	- v.i. to float
fóhan 	- n.fem. boat [float-thing]
fóramas 	- n.fem. raft [float-tree]
fór|am 	- v.i. to sink [float-end]
fót|e 	- v.i. to be buoyant [float-adjective]
fózhen	- n.mass. lithium [float-metal]
fra 	- v. to rub, to massage, to soothe, to caress
frales	- n.fem. massage, caress
franen	- n.fem. paternal uncle (of the speaker)
franenà	- n.masc. paternal uncle (of somebody else)
fuchù	- n.neut. sneeze
fuchù	- v.i. sneeze
fuchùs	- int. oops! (clipped)
fuchùzov	- int. oops!
fulòm	- n.neut. the sound of drinking
fulòm	- v.i. to drink
fushush	- v.i. to brush
fush|u	- n.neut. the sound of brushing
fúfw|o	- n.neut. flute, wind instrument; the sound of a flute
fwos	- n.fem. dolphin [back-formation from nezefwos]
fw|o 	- v. to suck, to drink, to drain, to extract
fyozén 	- n.masc. gauntlet (glove) [from Ouchiwu]
gamvagùs	- n.fem. xenophobia, xenophobe
gamvagùs	- v.i. to be xenophobic
gamvúb|a	- n.neut. chit-chat, small-talk, palaver
gamvúl|am	- n.neut. claustrophobia, claustrophobe
gamvúl|am	- v.i. to be claustrophobic
ganash	- v.i. to be stubborn
ganán	- n.neut. vegan
gandáran	- n.fem. infidel, infidelity
gandémfen	- n.masc. technophobia, technophobe 
gandémfen	- v.i. to be technophobic
gandwes	- n.fem. to avoid the truth
ganeshadén	- v.i. to be craven, cowardly, pusillanimous 
ganés	- n.fem. fear of the dark
ganháb|a	- n.neut. glossophobia, glossophobe 
ganháb|a	- v.i. to be glossophobic
ganháha	- v.i. to be serious
ganháttoalan	- n.mass. laziness, sloth, lethargy, torpor
ganháttoal|a	- v.i. to be lazy, indolent, sluggish, idle, slothful, lethargic
ganhré	- v.i. to be lazy
gankoán	- v.i. to be immortal
gankoán	- v.i. to grieve, to lament, to moan
ganló	- v.i. to be brainwashed, indoctrinated
ganmèn	- v.i. to be electrically resistant 
ganoáttrek|en	- n.neut. vegetarian
gansas	- n.fem. fugitive, outlaw, criminal
ganshahanè	- n.neut. philistine
gansheá	- v.i. to be recondite, to be hard to learn
ganshenà	- n.masc. fear of bugs, insects 
ganshe|m	- v.i. to be taciturn, shy
ganshén	- n.fem. apathy
ganshirín	- n.masc. arachnophobia, arachnophobe
ganshirí|n	- v.i. to be arachnophobic
ganshlen	- n.fem. fear of heights, vertigo, acrophobia; acrophobe
ganshlen	- v.i. to be acrophobic
ganslébos	- n.fem. agoraphobia, agoraphobe
ganslébos	- v.i. to be agoraphobic
ganso|a	- n.neut. insomnia, insomniac
gantà	- v. to be incompatible with something
ganúhu	- n.neut. asexual
ganúhu	- v.i. to be celibate, asexual
ganyé	- v.i. to move out-wards 
ganzhámhan	- n.neut. panophobia, panophobe
ganzhámhan	- v.i. to be panophobic
ganzhes	- n.fem. fear of flying insects
ganzhunà	- n.masc. t-totaller
gazantà 	- v. to over-prepare something [tack up]
gàb(e)l|e	- v. to deliver (clipped)
gàblehan 	- v. to deliver [at-walk-hold-thing]
gàb|a 	- v. to arrive at [at-walk]
gàf|o 	- v.i. to be ready [at-hand]
gàgat 	- post. inside [at-at]
gànatta 	- v.i. to tack up a unicorn [at-unicorn-tie]
gàngen 	- n.fem. sister
gàngen 	- num. two (feminine) [sisters]
gàn|en 	- n.neut. sibling [older.sister-younger.brother]
gàpan	- n.masc. saddle, responsibility [at-lower.back]
gàrad|e 	- v.i. to be in trouble [at-fire]
gàramas 	- n.fem. space [clearing]
gàsateg|e	- n.neut. walking stick, cane [third-leg]
gàshen 	- post. outside [at-out]
gàsik|o 	- v.i. to die [dead]
gàt	- post. in, at
gàv|o 	- v. to inhabit, to live in (typically buildings) [at-house]
gákka	- n.neut. honk, goose call; fracas, uproar, row
gákka	- v.i. to honk
gákkas	- n.fem. goose
gám 	- n.masc. man, male
gám(a)v|a 	- v.i. to be deep, low pitch [male-voice]
gámam 	- n.masc. penis [male-end]
gámven 	- n.masc. fiancé [boyfriend]
gánram 	- n.masc. tyrant [king]
gánshan 	- n.masc. penis [male-long]
gánshu	- n.neut. beginner, novice, tyro, neophyte
gánshu	- v.i. to be novice, tyro
gá|m 	- v.i. to be masculine, male
gá|m 	- v.i. to glow
gel|a 	- v.i. to be obese [love-food]
ge|n 	- n.neut. shape, form, type
gè 	- v. to examine, to test, to prove, to argue
gè 	- v.i. to be short (height), small, little (people)
gèdwobem 	- n.masc. sparring [sport]
gèdwolom 	- n.masc. sport [test-strong-swell]
gèl|e	- n.neut. exam, test
gèmnak|en 	- n.neut. competition [race]
gè|m 	- v.i. to be blunt
gè|m 	- v.i. to be certain, clear
gé 	- n.neut. elbow [arm]
géhapyen 	- n.masc. Gi̤hopyè [earth-yellow-kind]
géken	- n.masc. earth nanté particle [cube]
géken 	- n.fem. earth priestess [earth-younger.sister]
gék|en	- n.neut. earth priest/priestess (gender neutral)
gémpan	- n.fem. the sixth eighth of an hour
gén	- n.fem. sixth hour
gén	- n.masc. a persistent, stoic person; persistence, stoicism; memory
gén	- n.masc. quake; a spontaneous event (clipped)
gén	- n.masc. the earth element; north-west
gén	- v.i. to be persistent, stoic, phlegmatic, stolid
gén 	- n.mass. earth, dirt, soil
génshen	- n.fem. sixth day of the week
géren	- n.masc. earth priest
gés	- n.fem. rain-forest, jungle (clipped); pubic hair (slang)
géshlon 	- n.mass. bile [earth-body.fluid]
géshy|e 	- n.neut. shoulder [arm-joint]
gizhalón 	- n.mass. saliva (formal) [mucus, fog-body.fluid]
gizhalón 	- n.mass. vomit [bile]
gì 	- v.i. to dig
gín 	- n.masc. young jackalope (clipped), affectionate name for a child
gíntis 	- n.fem. a pen for keeping jackalopes (clipped)
gíntizash	- v.i. to breed and raise jackalopes (clipped)
glabá|n 	- n.neut. ingredient [food-part]
gladè 	- v.i. to be culinary [food-adjective]
glagrà 	- n.neut. stomach, appetite [food-body.part]
glalàn 	- n.masc. cook [food-person]
glalendà 	- n.masc. kitchen [food-place]
glal|en 	- n.neut. restaurant [food-place]
glanè 	- n.mass. food
glazhán 	- n.masc. chef [food-professional]
gluglù	- n.neut. turkey call
gluglù	- v.i. to gobble
gluglùn	- n.masc. turkey
goàn 	- n.masc. natural disaster [disaster]
goá 	- n.neut. fruit
goáraman	- n.masc. fruit tree [fruit-tree]
gòd|e 	- v.i. to be fictional, mythical [story-adjective]
gòramfes	- n.fem. false ending, cover up
gòr|am 	- n.neut. to conclude, to resolve [story-end]
gòs 	- n.fem. story, tale, myth
gòzhas 	- n.fem. storyteller [story-professional]
grà 	- n.neut. body part, organ
gràken	- n.masc. organelle
gràn	- n.fem. rough, stormy weather
gràn	- n.masc. stone, rock (informal)
grànhan 	- n.masc. rock, stone [rough-thing]
grànkin	- n.mass. calamine [rough-ore]
grà|n	- n.neut. bark (informal)
grà|n 	- v.i. to be rough, to be harsh, to be unpleasant; to be stormy, choppy (seas)
grá 	- n.neut. agent
gráfa 	- n.fem. paddle [from Sihu, agent-throw]
gráfos 	- n.fem. oar [agent-throw]
grálas 	- n.fem. merchant [agent-receive]
grá|n 	- n.neut. nose
grè 	- v. to mark, to draw
grèb|an 	- v. to label [mark-part]
grèb|em 	- v. to diagnose someone (indirect object) with a mental illness (direct object) [mark-sick]
grèb|en 	- v. to record [mark-origin]
grèdan 	- n.masc. signpost [mark-way]
grèd|e 	- v. to enslave [mark-red]
grèd|e 	- v.i. to be marked [mark-adjective]
grèges 	- n.fem. map [mark-earth]
grègun 	- n.masc. territory [mark-country]
grèhan 	- n.fem. mark, drawing, painting [mark-thing]
grèhan 	- n.neut. list, note [mark-many-thing]
grèhon 	- n.fem. mnemonic [mark-mind]
grèho|a 	- v. to edit [mark-image]
grèhu 	- v. to register [mark-ship]
grèles 	- n.fem. schedule [calendar]
grèl|om 	- v. to diagnose someone (indirect object) with an illness (direct object) [mark-swell]
grèrad|e 	- v. to warn someone (indirect object) about something (direct object) [mark-destruction]
grèran 	- n.fem. peace treaty [mark-peace]
grèras 	- n.fem. calendar [mark-year]
grères 	- n.fem. note (music) [mark-music]
grèr|am 	- v. to finish, to complete [mark-end]
grèr|e	- n.neut. list, note (informal)
grèr|e 	- v. to list [mark-many]
grèr|e 	- v. to note, to write down [mark-idea]
grèsh	- v. to paint, to colour, to compose (music) [mark-colour]
grèsh	- v.i. to express one’s self [mark-emotion]
grèshy|e 	- v. to correct, to mark, to annotate [mark-write]
grèv|o 	- n.neut. address [mark-house]
grèzhas 	- n.fem. artist [mark-professional]
gróles 	- n.fem. market [merchant]
grup|u	- n.neut. belch
grup|u	- v.i. to belch
gùban 	- n.masc. faction [country-part]
gùhoas 	- n.fem. diagram [map]
gùram 	- n.masc. border [country-end]
gùr|an 	- n.neut. citizen [country-person]
gùs 	- n.fem. country, nation
ha 	- v.i. to be yellow; to resist, to hold one’s shape
habán	- n.fem. the final eighth of an hour
hachen	- n.fem. the eighth day of the week
hadá	- conj. but, yet
hadán	- n.masc. water priest
hafendè	- n.mass. sulphur [yellow-powder]
hagàn	- n.fem. water priestess [lake-older.sister]
hagà|n	- n.neut. water priest/priestess (gender neutral)
hagen 	- n.fem. lake
halen 	- n.fem. lake island [lake-place]
hanè 	- n.mass. saltwater
hanslárelan 	- n.neut. Orderist, a follower of Honsla̤yìa; a dogmatic person [thing-order-religion-person]
hansláres 	- n.fem. Honsla̤yìa ‘Order Doctrine’; dogma [thing-order-religion]
hanslás 	- n.fem. order, hierarchy [thing-order]
hanwèn 	- n.masc. box, square, rectangle, tray [thing-character]
hanwèn(e)d|e 	- v.i. to be box-shaped, square, rectangular [thing-character-adjective]
harìn 	- n.mass. natron [lake-dry, calque from Shiholiro]
has	- v.i. to be curious, adventurous, enthusiastic 
has 	- n.fem. the water element; a curious, adventurous, enthusiastic person; willpower; eighth hour, the end a cycle or a period of time, the final/last part/stage; north-east
hasatangrà	- n.neut. the surface of water; a drum with a skin made with nanté , usually the water element [water-skin]
hatén 	- n.fem. storm, something or someone that is hated [yellow-sky]
haténranten	- n.masc. Hoti̤anràn, a demonic spirit; juggernaut [yellow-sky-person]
hat|e	- v.i. to be lime-green
haze|n	- n.neut. yolk
hazhalón 	- n.mass. urine (formal) [lake-body.fluid]
hazhalónslan	- n.mass. sal ammoniac [urine’s salt]
hazhapyès 	- n.fem. Hakyapyè [lake-blue-kind]
hazhán 	- n.fem. Hajám region [lake-river]
hazhes 	- n.fem. swimming pool [lake-small]
hazhègan 	- n.fem. the Haashi [sea-master]
hazhén 	- n.masc. anger [yellow-emotion]
hazhés 	- n.fem. duck
hà 	- v.i. to fail [from Shiholiro]
há 	- n.neut. gut, gastrointestinal tract
há 	- v. to use
hábazh|o	- n.neut. homophone [use-voice-same]
háb|a 	- v. to change [use-other]
háb|a 	- v. to say something out loud; to pronounce, articulate [use-voice]
háb|e 	- v. to exploit [use-benefit]
háfen(a)d|a 	- v.i. to scout [use-find-way]
háf|o 	- v. to manage, to regulate [use-hand]
hágo|a	- n.neut. lemon [yellow-citrus]
háha	- n.neut. laugh, joke
háhafes	- n.fem. a fake laugh, a forced joke
háhan	- n.mass. comedy, humour
háhas	- v. to distill [blend of ‘boil’ and ‘condense’]
háhazaslaven	- n.mass. sulfuric acid, vitriolic acid [distill-alum]
háken	- n.fem. water nanté particle [icosahedron]
hán	- n.mass. the roots of a plant, mycelium
hán 	- n.fem. spring, source, origin
hán(e)m|e 	- v. to greet [meet-you]
hánem	- int. hello (to an equal)
hánhan	- int. hi!
hánlen	- n.mass. meeting
hánmen	- int. hello (to an inferior)
hánmes	- int. hello (to a superior)
hán|a 	- v. to listen, to hear [use-ear]
hán|e 	- v.i. to be nocturnal [use-night]
hápamp(a)l|an - n.masc. meadow
hápanes	- n.fem. wreath of flowers [flower-ring]
háp|a 	- v. to trade [use-jewel]
háp|an 	- n.neut. flower [petal]
háp|an 	- v. to fix, to repair, to mend [use-part]
háradekan	- n.mass. spice; an upbeat, improvisational genre of music 
háradek|a	- v.i. to be spicy, to improvise [use-fire-mouth]
háradek|e	- n.neut. pudding, cake [use-fire-sweet]
háradlesh 	- v. to brew, boil [use-fire-hold-water]
háradleshun	- n.masc. kettle, any pot used for boiling
háradleshuzen	- n.mass. tea, herbal tea; stock, broth
hárad|e 	- v. to burn, to bake, to use a computer program/application [use-fire]
hár|a 	- v. to slip through a narrow gap [use-thin]
hár|an 	- v. to gamble [use-wish]
hár|an 	- v. to look at, to see [use-eye]
hár|an 	- v. to negotiate, to reason [use-peace]
hás 	- n.fem. emblem, symbol [flower]
háshes 	- n.fem. bay (clipped)
hátti 	- v.i. to be camped somewhere [use-camp]
háttis 	- v.i. to live somewhere, to reside in (typically an area or region) [aug. of to camp]
háttish 	- v.i. to be hidden [dim. of to camp]
háttizales	- n.fem. residence, period of time living in a region
háttoalan 	- n.masc. a person who works too hard, workaholic [use-effort-person]
háttoalush 	- v. to try [dim. of to try very hard]
háttoal|a 	- v.i. to try very hard, to be persistent, to be sedulous, to be tenacious [use-effort]
hávob|an 	- v. to operate [use-move-part]
házalon	- n.mass. ammonia [distill-urine]
házalonslan	- n.mass. smelling salt, stimulant [ammonia-salt]
há|m 	- v.i. to be a loser, to lose a competition (+ in)
há|n 	- v. to meet
he	- conj. and
heahombán 	- n.fem. the part of the mind that is successfully transferred during the Sàntsa̤a ritual [carry-mind-part]
heamán 	- n.masc. snail [carry-slow]
heamás	- n.fem. sea snail [n.fem. of snail]
heazháhon 	- n.neut. a priest/priestess that performs the Sàntsa̤a ritual [carry-professional-mind]
heìfen	- n.masc. climate (clipped)
heìfenkwopen	- n.masc. climate [humidity and temperature]
hekánslan	- n.mass. corrosive sublimate [mercury-salt]
hekánslen	- n.mass. calx of mercury [mercury-fog]
hekíhembafen	- n.mass. granite [blend of ‘quartz’ and ‘feldspar’]
hekínantin	- n.masc. battery [zinc-and-copper]
her	- conj. or
heshebéslan	- n.mass. narcotic salt of vitriol [blend of ‘vitriol’ and ‘borax’]
hevádan 	- n.masc. brick
heván 	- n.masc. block [from Shiholiro]
hezhunè	- n.mass. ether [blend of ‘alcohol’ and ‘sulfuric acid’]
he|a 	- v. to carry, to bare
hé 	- num. sixteen
hé 	- v. to inquire
hénes 	- n.fem. cove (clipped)
hér|am 	- v. to withdraw inquiry [inquire-end]
héshezhos|am 	- n.neut. icosahedron (mathematical) [sixteen-four-same-three]
hétw|e 	- v. to check [inquire-correct]
hét|e	- n.neut. cough
hét|e	- v.i. to cough
hézhus	- n.fem. 25 years [sixteen-nine]
himbèn 	- n.fem. ancestor, progenitor
himbèn 	- post. clockwise [go-now]
himhyèt 	- post. towards [go-near]
himnés 	- n.fem. evening, dusk [go-night]
hin(e)k|e 	- v. to launch a ship (formal) [go-cause]
hingàrel|en 	- v. to dive into [go-at-low-place]
hingàres	- v.i. to be immersed
hingàres 	- v. to study in-depth [go-at-low-place]
hingàr|e 	- v. to dive into (clipped)
hingàt	- post. to, into [go-at]
hinshèn 	- post. away from [go-out]
hinyèn 	- post. through [go-beyond]
hi|m 	- v.i. to go
hím	- dem. which
hím|am 	- v. to clot [blood-end]
hín	- n.mass. blood
híng(a)r|a 	- n.neut. blood vessel [blood-body.part]
híni	- quant. how many
hlè 	- v. to push
hlèhas 	- v. to use telekinesis on something; to blow on something [push-use-fog]
hlé 	- v. to drink
hléhan 	- n.fem. drink, beverage [drink-thing]
hléjud|e 	- v.i. to be drunk [drink-alcohol-adjective]
hlésh 	- v. to drink alcohol [drink-alcohol]
hlùsh|a	- n.neut. camera [blend of ‘box and film’]
ho 	- v.i. to be desaturated, to be grey; to be ambient
hoambanè 	- n.mass. money
hoambas 	- n.fem. coin [similar-jewel]
hoamvá 	- n.neut. sound [similar-voice]
hoanhím 	- n.mass. body fluid [similar-blood]
hoanshanè 	- n.mass. liquid
hoà 	- n.neut. picture, image; figure, appearance, look, gestalt
hoàfes	- n.fem. illusion, disguise
hoá	- n.neut. yawn
hoá	- v.i. to yawn
hobyèfen	- n.mass. a genre of ambient electronic music [desaturated-electronic music]
hombán	- n.neut. thought
hon 	- n.fem. mind, personality
hondè 	- v.i. to be mental, spiritual, metaphysical [mind-adjective]
honmè|n 	- n.neut. pupil (of the eye) [mind-gate]
honràmfes	- n.fem. computer
honràn(e)t|e	- n.neut. spirit, minor deity [mind-person]
hosh	- v.i. to be baby-blue	
hot|e	- v.i. to be olive-green
ho|a 	- v. to talk to
ho|an 	- v. to be similar to
hós 	- n.fem. eternity, time (metaphysical), spiral
hótehan 	- n.masc. spiral-shaped horn [spiral-adjective-thing]
hótehankon 	- n.masc. a breed of jackalope with spiral-shaped horns [spiral-adjective-thing-breed] [calque from Mateshiyu]
hótehren	- n.masc. screw [dim. of spiral-shaped horn]
hrané	- conj. or (as a question)
hrané	- int. which one? [from the interrogative form of ‘or’]
hrádeppezhun	- n.mass. minium, red lead [use-fire-lead-rotten-alcohol]
hrádeppezhun	- v.i. to be vermilion, orange-red
hrá|m 	- v. to drink
hrezhèn 	- n.masc. unicorn-shoe [break-ring]
hré	- n.neut. fraction
hré	- n.neut. weed
hré 	- v. to pull, drag; to break, divide; to take, to grab, to grasp, to bring; to catch something, to sample, to extract
hréhon	- n.masc. imbroglio, kerfuffle  
hréhon 	- v. to confuse [break-mind]
hréken 	- n.masc. fissure [break-earth]
hrékw|o	- v. to sit (on a chair), to take a seat [pull-seat]
hrékw|o	- v.i. to concentrate [pull-central]
hrék|o 	- n.neut. plot hole [break-story]
hrél|e 	- v. to plan, to organise [break-time]
hrém|en 	- v. to open [break-gate]
hréppe 	- v. to leak [break-cup]
hrép|a 	- v. to rest, to take a break [break-walk]
hrép|a 	- v. to shatter [break-jewel]
hrérag(e)r|e 	- n.neut. dotted line [break-thin-mark]
hréragren 	- n.mass. ‘broken-line’ syndrome [n.mass. of dotted line]
hrér|an 	- v. to disrupt [break-peace]
hrés	- n.fem. bribe
hrés	- v. to pump
hrés	- v. to remix (music); to take heavy influence from a work of art (past tense); to paraphrase [pull-changed, reanalysed as a verb with an augmentative suffix]
hrés 	- v. to grind [break-salt]
hrés 	- v. to randomise [break-order]
hréshan 	- n.masc. valley [break-mountain]
hréshoppi	- n.neut. rake [pull-leaf]
hréshos	- v.i. to fish [catch-fish]
hrétadan	- n.masc. saw 
hrétw|o 	- v. to weaken [break-strong]
hrét|a	- n.neut. comb [pull-hair]
hrézas	- n.fem. remix
hrunkrù	- n.neut. snore
hrunkrù	- v.i. to snore
húf|o	- n.neut. sailor, crewman
húhu	- n.neut. hoot of an owl
húhu	- v.i. to hoot
hújan 	- n.fem. captain [ship-head]
hújanzas	- n.fem. ex-captain
húpes 	- n.fem. stern [ship-back]
húppres 	- n.fem. rudder [ship-fin]
hús 	- n.fem. ship
húttem 	- n.fem. bow (of a ship) [ship-face]
húzas	- n.fem. shipwreck
hwèdlos 	- n.fem. Whédlos
hyevambífen	- n.mass. lab-grown snail-meat
hyevambín 	- n.mass. escargot, snail-meat [carry-slow]
hyèb|e 	- v.i. to be posterior [near-back]
hyèb|en 	- n.neut. beginning [near-origin]
hyègo|an 	- n.neut. euthanasia [relief]
hyèrad|e 	- v.i. to be dangerous, malignant, harmful [near-fire]
hyèrim|a 	- n.neut. relief [near-spill]
hyèr|am 	- v.i. to be penultimate [near-end]
hyèr|e 	- v. to like [near-love]
hyèt	- post. by, near
hyèv|e 	- v. to hang out [near-friend]
hyèv|o 	- n.neut. neighbour [near-house]
hyèzes 	- n.fem. distance [near-far]
hyolamán 	- n.masc. axe [hit-wood]
ichégan	- n.fem. current, rapids
ichén	- n.mass. glitter, sparkles
ichén	- v.i. to glitter, sparkle
igèl|a 	- n.neut. flat-bread [flat-food]
iklè	- n.neut. ion
iklèm(e)f|e	- v.i. to be organic
iklèn	- n.masc. cation
iklèn	- n.mass. biomass
iklès	- n.fem. anion
ikobash|a	- n.neut. video cassette [analogous to ‘audio cassette’]
ikobà	- v.i. to skip
ikofegés	- n.fem. rain-forest, jungle; shibboleth
ikofehan	- n.fem. sea-sponge
ikogén	- n.mass. fertile soil
ikohá	- n.neut. meme	
ikohlùsh|a	- n.neut. movie camera, video camera, camcorder
ikohoà	- n.neut. short film, TV episode
ikohoàn	- n.masc. video clip
ikohoàn	- n.mass. video footage
ikohoànozh|o	- n.neut. television, screen, monitor [blend of ‘TV episode’ and ‘box’]
ikohoàs	- n.fem. film, movie, motion picture, feature-length episode
ikolá 	- v. to give birth [born]
ikopumpù|m	- n.neut. disco-style music, a genre of electronic dance music
ikosh	- v.i. to be conscious
ikosháplalen	- n.mass. video tape
ikoso|a	- v.i. to sleepwalk
ikoténgen	- n.fem. thundercloud
ikovúl|a	- n.neut. moxie
ikòpo 	- v. to live [alive]
ikón 	- n.mass. blood (informal) [from Mateshiyu]
ikúf|e	- n.neut. erotic dance
ikwolen	- n.mass. dance, dancing
ikw|o	- n.neut. dance style
ikw|o	- v.i. to dance (informal)
imá 	- v.i. to spill [from Sihu]
ingán 	- n.masc. young unicorn [fall-fall]
iréha 	- v. to travel by sea [launch, go-cause]
irén 	- n.masc. rein (clipped)
ípikidan	- n.masc. rat; pest; an unfortunate person, homeless person (pejorative)
ípikidan	- v.i. to be unfortunate, homeless (pejorative)
ípikin	- n.masc. mouse; a cute, shy person
ípikin	- v.i. to be cute and shy
íshipik|i	- n.neut. squirrel, a conscientious person
íshipik|i	- v.i. to be conscientious
ka	- pro. then
ka	- v.i. to be apocryphal
ka 	- n.neut. pair of lips, apocrypha [mouth]
ka 	- num. fifteen
kadá	- n.neut. surprise
kadá	- pro. but then
kar|a 	- n.neut. Hakyapyè (informal) [from slang]
kasléchen	- n.fem. third day of the week
kaslépan	- n.fem. the third eighth of an hour
kaslés	- n.fem. second fog phase in the elemental cycle, third hour; equator-wards (south in northern hemisphere, north in southern hemisphere)
kavá	- v.i. to be the third from last, ante-penultimate
kaván	- v. to threaten
kavèn	- v.i. to be cleft (clipped)
kavèn 	- n.neut. cleft [mouth-character]
kavèn(e)d|e 	- v.i. to be cleft [mouth-character-adjective]
ká 	- v. to ride something [from Ouchiwu]
káken 	- n.mass. the practice of training and riding unicorns [ride-ride]
kán	- n.mass. mercury [from Shiholiro]
kánan 	- n.masc. animal rider [horseman]
kánan 	- n.masc. roof [from Shiholiro]
ká|n 	- v. to apologise
ke 	- v. to cause, to start, to begin, first
ke 	- v. to fit
kebà 	- v. to build a garden, to memorise [cause-garden]
kebàpes	- v. to demand
kebàp|e	- v. to order (something); to request
kebàr|am	- n.neut. brake
kebá 	- v. to distribute [cause-both]
kebá 	- v. to roughen [cause-uneven]
kebámbemy|e	- v.i. to stultify
kebán(a)t|a 	- v. to shave [cause-no-hair]
kebántajan 	- n.masc. barber [cause-no-hair-professional]
kebásh|u	- v. to equivocate
kebá|n 	- v. to divide, to break, to part [cause-part]
kebè 	- v. to weigh down [cause-heavy]
kebès	- v. to compact, to compress
kebèsh 	- v. to squeeze, to cuddle, to canoodle [cause-heavy-small]
kebèshlir|a	- v. to mollycoddle, to overindulge
kebè|m 	- v. to traumatise [infect]
kebé 	- v. to supply, to stock [cause-enough]
kebinà	- v. to practice, to rehearse
kebis	- v. to clean, polish
kebú	- v.i. to be wonderful, joyful, pleasing
kebú 	- v. to amuse, to cheer up, to entertain [cause-happy]
keb|en 	- v. to make, to create [cause-origin]
kedá 	- v.i. to grow (plants), to raise (animals), to farm, to expand [cause-big]
kedáhoas	- n.fem. microscope
kedáho|a	- n.neut. magnifying glass
kedán	- n.masc. farm; crop, produce, yield
kedáp(a)l|a	- v.i. to spread out
kedás	- v. to increase
kedwekén	- n.fem. a procrustean person
kedwekén	- v.i, to be procrustean
kedweví 	- v. to attack [cause-combat]
kefenash	- v. to shatter, to smash
kefén	- v. to unlock, to make something possible 
kef|o	- v.i. to be significant	
keg(a)l|a 	- v. to cook, to prepare food [cause-food]
kegàfogen	- n.masc. hoe [prepare-earth]
kegàf|o 	- v. to prepare [cause-at-hand]
kegén	- v. to inure, habituate
kegrè 	- v. to calibrate [fit-mark]
kegù	- v. to found a nation [cause-land]
kegùles 	- n.fem. the foundation of a nation [cause-land-time]
kegùsh 	- n.fem. foundation day (clipped)
kegùzhochen 	- n.fem. foundation day [cause-land-same-day]
keha 	- v. to alarm [cause-yellow]
keháradlesh|u	- n.neut. boiler
kehim 	- v. to lead [cause-go]
kehoà	- v. to draw, to imagine, to visualise
kehré	- v. to abuse, stress, strain
kehrés	- v. to bribe
kekanè	- n.mass. banter, badinage
keké	- v. to sweeten, to add sugar
keké|n	- v. to motivate, to encourage; to accelerate
kekonlò 	- v. to marry a couple [cause-wife-husband]
kekonlòles 	- n.fem. wedding [cause-wife-husband-time]
kekús	- n.fem. fan, air conditioning
kekwó	- v. to promote
kekwós	- v. to coronate, to throne; to promote to the top
kek|a	- v.i. to tell a joke
kek|on 	- v.i. to be married to a woman [cause-wife]
kelé 	- n.neut. beginning, start [cause-start]
keléfes	- n.fem. prologue, preamble
kelò 	- v.i. to be married to a man [cause -husband]
kelò|m 	- v. to infect [cause-swell]
kel|a 	- v. to thin [cause-thin]
kel|am 	- v. to kill, to hunt [cause-end]
kemàsh 	- v.i. to give birth to a girl [cause-mother-daughter]
kemè|m	- v. to make something louder, to turn up the volume
kemfenshan	- v.i. to be glassy
kemfenshanìn	- n.mass. porcelain [glassy-clay]
kemfwogàn	- n.fem. whale
kemfwos	- n.fem. cetacean
kempyè	- n.neut. ethnic group, ethnicity, a people
kemvéhan	- n.neut. eponym
kemví	- n.neut. primate
ken	- n.fem. mineral (clipped)
kenabos	- n.fem. mineral
kenabosamfé	- v.i. to be inorganic
kenadéchen	- v. to be splenetic, irritable, spiteful, cranky
kenakadàs	- v. to be fractious, unruly 
kenambà 	- v. to remind [cause-manipulate-garden]
kenanendà	- n.masc. male cousin
kenash	- v. to convince
kenà	- n.masc. a loud, piecing noise
kenà	- v.i. to be deafening
kenà 	- v. to demote [cause-inferior]
kenán	- n.neut. an egg shaped object, oval
kenán	- v.i. to be egg-shaped, oval
kendà 	- n.masc. particle [reanalysis of ‘téken’]
kenek|a	- v.i. to be mildly amusing
kenezepí 	- v. to round up, to gather [cause-group-gather]
kenèm	- v. to blink (clipped)
kenèm 	- n.neut. eyelid
kenèm(a)f|a 	- v. to blink [cause-silent-flap]
kenèmpyeshus	- n.fem. a Nìmpyèrànic language
kenèmvat|e	- v.i. to be perspicacious, to be acutely aware
kenèn	- v.i. to be torpid, slow, sluggish, lethargic
kenèshus	- n.fem. language that belongs to the ‘Èshustic’ branch of the Nimpyeranic language family
kenè|m	- v. to make something quite, to turn the volume down 
kenéfegen	- n.fem. umbrella
kenéfes	- n.fem. penumbra
kenéfes	- v. to shade, to cover
kenél|e 	- v. to stir, mix;  to confuse, muddle [cause-dark-matter]
kenéntash 	- v. to domesticate [cause-able-tie-two-animal]
kenés 	- n.fem. nightfall [cause-night]
kenés 	- v. to make something boring [cause-dark-matter]
kengàngen	- n.fem. female cousin
kengàn|en	- n.neut. cousin
kengel|a	- v.i. to be savoury, umami
kenhansláres	- v.i. to be dogmatic, to pontificate
kenharìn	- n.mass. salt-peter
kenhonràn	- v.i. to be protean, to be versatile, to be allusive
kenípikin	- n.masc. rodent
kenkén	- n.mass. work experience	
kenkoán	- v.i. to be moribund, practically dead
kenkónyesh	- v.i. to be virtual
kenlèpen	- n.mass. sphalerite
kenléttlan	- v.i. to be chalky
kenlòn	- n.fem. amphibian
kensàn	- v.i. to be cyclic
kenshák|a	- n.neut. finger (formal)
kenshe|m	- v. to communicate
kenshlèn	- n.mass. alkali, base
kenshlèn	- v.i. to be alkali, basic
kentà	- v. to associate, to compare
kentebas	- n.fem. beryl
kentéshal|e	- n.neut. pentatonic scale
kentín	- n.mass. copper-nickel
kentlá|m	- v.i. to be bitter (flavour)
kenú	- n.neut. eroticism
kenú	- v.i. to be erotic
kenyós	- n.fem. sea-creature; skilled swimmer
kenyós	- v.i. to swim (typically sea-creatures); to swim gracefully (typically under the surface)
kenzhén	- v.i. to be metallic
kenzhirén 	- n.masc. rein [cause-turn-tack]
kenzhunà	- n.masc. beverage
kenzo	- v.i. to be unconscious
ken|e	- n.neut. switch, button
kepé	- v. to pour a beverage
keplaplà	- v. to peel
keplà	- v. to induce, to generalise
kep|e 	- v. to freeze, to travel north [cause-cold]
keràsh 	- v. to shock, to startle, to alarm, to frighten; to astonish [cause-want-out]
kes	- v. to realise, to find, to decide, to discover
kes 	- v. to murder [cause-die]
kes 	- v. to pierce, to puncture, to create a hole, to sting [cause-hollow]
kes 	- v. to promote [cause-superior]
kes 	- v. to rot, to ferment [cause-rotten]
kesas	- v. to define, to make a law
kesàn	- v. to spin something, to rotate something; to play a video or audio recording
kesànesh	- v. to unwind something; to fast-forward [spin-loose]
kesànzhe	- v. to wind up, to rewind [spin-tight]
kesh(e)l|em	- v. to raise
keshage|n	- v. to distort, to mutate
keshazhe|n	- v. to disappoint
keshazhén	- v.i. to rust
keshembán	- n.neut. onset, initial consonant
keshì	- v. to narrow, to specialise, to deduce
keshyéhan	- v.i. to be invidious  
keslá 	- v. to put in order, to organise, to arrange, to sort [cause-order]
keslés	- n.fem. first fog phase in the elemental cycle, the beginning, the first part or stage; east
keso|a	- n.neut. sedative, sleeping pill; something incredibly boring
keso|a	- v. to put to sleep; to fall asleep (passive) 
ketahafén	- v. to purify/treat water
ketahafénlen	- n.mass. water purification/treatment
ketán 	- n.masc. autumn, fall [from Heyuhete word ‘earth’]
ketebendè	- n.mass. beer [blend of ‘ferment’ and ‘grain’]
keténas 	- v. to do a ritual [aug. of to carry out a process]
keténlegan	- n.fem. ritual [aug. of process]
keténles 	- n.fem. process, rotation [cause-stop-time]
keté|n 	- v. to carry out a process, to turn a wheel [cause-stop]
ketí 	- v. to set up camp [cause-camp]
ketíntin	- v. to cause to ring, to ring a bell
ket|e 	- v. to produce [cause-create]
kevá 	- v. to flap; to wave something about, to shake, to rattle; to play a rattle or bell like instrument; to vibrate (reflexive) [cause-flap]
kevá 	- v. to get, to obtain [cause-have]
kevápp(o)l|o 	- v. to fly (using wings), to flap wings [cause-flap-wing]
keven 	- v. to calcinate [cause-powder]
keves	- n.fem. perk, bonus, lagniappe
kevè 	- v. to saturate [cause-too.much]
kevé 	- v. to befriend, to become friends [cause-friend]
kevéhan	- v. to name
kevogé 	- v. to use telekinesis on earth [cause-move-earth]
kevoha 	- v. to use telekinesis on water [cause-move-water]
kevú	- v. to foment, to wind up, to stir up, to provoke
kev|e 	- v. to give an advantage [cause-benefit]
kev|o 	- v. to excite, to launch, to jump (reflexive) [cause-move]
kev|o 	- v. to make, to craft, to build [build]
kezagoán	- n.mass. fruit-based alcohol
kezakèn	- n.mass. mead [cause-rotten-honey]
kezakwèn	- n.mass. cheese
kezenslenè	- v. to get dressed, to put on something
kezetá 	- n.neut. fragrance, perfume [mint]
kezhá 	- v. to lengthen [cause-long]
kezhá 	- v. to wash [cause-clean]
kezhán 	- n.fem. female unicorn [cause-fall-fall]
kezháng(a)l|a	- v. to fill, something (accusative) full (past) of (accusative+’with’)  
kezhán|em	- v. to mess something up
kezháshyehan	- v. to bowdlerise, censor [cause-clean-write-thing] 
kezhetó 	- v. to conquer [cause-victory]
kezhé 	- v. to stupefy, to amaze [cause-stupid]
kezhé|m 	- v. to relax [cause-loose]
ké 	- n.neut. job [from Sihu]
ké 	- v.i. to be sweet, sugary
kéfen	- n.mass. artificial sweetener
kéke	- n.neut. sweet, candy, confectionery
kén	- n.mass. labour, work
kén 	- n.masc. room, compartment [from Shiholiro]
kén 	- n.mass. honey, sugar
kéngen	- n.fem. a drip, a drop of liquid formed smaller drops [blend of ‘roll’ and ‘drop’]
kénh(e)r|e 	- v. to rip [fast-break]
kénlen 	- n.masc. workshop [work-place]
kénles 	- n.fem. office
kénwon	- n.mass. mass, matter, stuff
kénwos	- n.fem. clump, lump
kénwos	- n.fem. motor
kénwos 	- v. to spin, to hurry; to roll, to bind, to merge, to clump, to fuse, to meld [fast-move-round]
kénwozafen	- n.mass. dough [roll-flour]
kényen 	- n.fem. rapids [fast-stream]
kénzhan 	- n.fem. boss [work-professional]
képplelan 	- n.masc. theatre [hall from Shiholiro]
késhas	- v.i. to be too sweet, saccharine, treacly
késhen 	- n.masc. cupboard [cell]
késlekke 	- n.neut. mint [sweet-fog-cause]
kétan 	- n.masc. hall [room-big]
kézat|a	- n.neut. previous job
ké|n	- n.neut. muscle
ké|n 	- v.i. to be fast, to move quickly, to be hasty; to work
kinánes	- v.i. to be urgent
kinánes 	- n.fem. an urgent need to urinate [rapids]
kíhembafen	- v.i. to be grainy, speckled [clipped form of granite]
kíhen 	- n.masc. quartz crystal [from Shiholiro]
kín 	- n.mass. ore [from Shiholiro]
kínan 	- n.mass. zinc [from Shiholiro]
kladé 	- v. to ignite, to boot up a computer/device [cause-fire]
kladéres 	- n.fem. sunrise, sunrise-hour [cause-fire-sun]
klalaprán 	- n.masc. kitchen equipment [kitchen]
klamár|am 	- v. to deforest [cause-tree-end]
klanà 	- n.masc. claw, scratch
klanlevó	- int. goodbye, farewell
klapashès	- n.fem. songbook; a music album in any medium; prayerbook, or any book compiling religious proverbs, poems and/or mantras. [bound-song]
klap|a 	- v. to thicken, to simmer, to bind (a book) [cause-thick]
kla|m 	- v. to finish, to say goodbye [cause-end]
klànkensas	- n.fem. command, order
klànke|n 	- v. to command, to order (someone)[cause-person-work]
kláklahre	- n.neut. cluck, sound of a cockatrice
kláklahre	- v.i. to cluck like a cockatrice
klá|m 	- v. to feed, to teach [cause-eat]
klem 	- v. to become
klendá 	- v. to decompress [cause-light-big]
klengén	- n.masc. plough [cause-soil]
kle|m 	- v. to lighten, to lose weight [cause-light]
klè 	- v. to equip, to pick up; to choose [cause-hold]
klèken	- v. to atomise
klé 	- v.i. to be young, new, fresh
klék|a	- v.i. to be minty, cool (flavour) [fresh-mouth]
klél|em 	- v.i. to be healthy, fit [young-light]
klép(a)r|an 	- n.neut. toddler [young-child]
klésh	- post. next, following
klésh	- v.i. to be reborn
kléshen	- n.masc. grandchild (informal)
klésheren 	- n.masc. grandchild (formal)
klésh|en 	- n.neut. a future life, the new body, rebirth [young-body]
kló	- v. to scare, to fear (passive)
koatépen	- n.mass. calcium
koáko|a	- n.neut. quack of a duck
koáko|a	- v. to quack
koálen 	- n.masc. cemetery, tomb
koán 	- n.masc. death
koásran 	- n.masc. corpse [cemetery]
kon 	- n.fem. wife (informal)
kongàn 	- n.fem. wife (formal)
konlò 	- n.neut. spouse, married couple
kó 	- n.neut. kind, gender
kómbanash 	- v. to ignore, to not realise [see-not-know]
kómbanshaden	- n.masc. temerity, recklessness [see-not-know-fire]
kónash 	- v. to acknowledge [see-know]
kónyedaven	- n.mass. internet [blend of ‘virtual’ and ‘ spiderweb’, clipped]
kónyesh 	- v.i. to have a dream, to dream about [look-idea-emotion]
kónyeshenles 	- n.fem. dream [look-idea-emotion-time
kónza|n	- v. to predict, predetermine [see-real]
kra 	- v. to scratch; to pluck a string, to play a string instrument
krák(a)r|a	- n.neut. squawk
krák(a)r|a	- v.i. to squawk
krákras	- n.fem. crow
krè 	- v. to play something on an instrument, to perform [cause-music]
krèhan 	- n.fem. musical instrument [cause-music-thing]
kròm	- n.neut. chomp, the sound of biting
kròm	- v.i. to chomp, to bite loudly
krònkrom	- n.neut. the sound of eating
krònkrom	- v.i. to eat nosily
kúhan 	- n.fem. sail [wind-thing]
kún 	- n.mass. wind, weather
kús 	- n.fem. gust, breeze
kwobán	- n.masc. engine
kwohú	- v.i. to set sail
kwopenè 	- n.mass. temperature, heat, latitude [warm-cold]
kwos 	- n.fem. centre, middle
kwó 	- n.neut. seat, chair; position
kwól|am	- v.i. to dine [sit-eat]
kwón 	- n.masc. stool
kwónan 	- n.mass. cavalry [sit-unicorn]
kwós 	- n.fem. throne, position of authority
kw|o 	- v.i. to be warm, central
lafés	- n.fem. pillow, cushion
laneprán 	- n.masc. tunnel [corridor]
las 	- n.fem. feather
laslénahan	- n.neut. a string instrument with strings made from nanté, usually the fog element [five-fog-string]
lataneazín 	- n.masc. a small act of annoyance [brown-sphere]
lavéfes	- int. five stars! top notch!
lavéfes	- n.fem. five star-rating, perfection [five-earing]
là 	- v.i. to be bad
là 	- v.i. to be wielding a weapon [from Ouchiwu]
là 	- v.i. to shine
làban 	- n.masc. fake, forgery [bad-jewel]
làb|a 	- v. to crawl [bad-walk]
làb|a 	- v.i. to be rough [bad-uneven]
làb|an 	- v. to sabotage [bad-part]
làb|e 	- v.i. to be hunched [bad-back]
làdegeken 	- n.mass. pyrite, fool’s gold [shine-adjective-earth-shape]
làd|e	- n.neut. cube (typically metallic, informal) [clipped form of pyrite]
làd|e 	- v.i to be shiny [shine-adjective]
làhan 	- n.masc. waste [bad-thing]
làhan 	- n.mass. glaze (formal) [shine-thing, calque from Shiholiro]
làmvos 	- n.fem. palace [queen-house]
làn	- n.fem. nobility (pejorative, clipped)
làn 	- n.mass. people
làn(e)d|e	- n.neut. a 16th of a Ràndìn (approx. 1.43 miles) (clipped)
làn(e)d|e 	- v.i. to be royal [queen-adjective]
làn(e)l|en 	- n.neut. neighbourhood [person-place]
làndem(a)b|an 	- n.neut. a 16th of a Ràndìn (approx. 1.43 miles) [queen-silent-part]
lànden 	- n.fem. unit of distance (approx. 22.9 miles) defined as the distance between Ràndèjim and Ninjim [queen-silent]
làndeshes	- n.fem. nobility [queen-adjective-good]
làngen 	- n.fem. doll [person-shape]
làngus 	- n.fem. kingdom, monarchy [queen-country]
lànlon 	- n.masc. male royal consort [queen-husband]
lànshegen 	- n.fem. princess [queen-daughter]
lànshen 	- n.masc. prince [queen-son]
lànten	- n.masc. king
làntes	- n.fem. queen, monarch
làpan	- n.mass. tin-stone [hold-tin]
làraden 	- n.masc. uncontrolled fire, a glitchy computer/device [bad-fire]
làrap|a 	- v.i. to be fat, obese [bad-thick]
làr|a	- n.neut. computer bug, glitch [back-formation from ‘làraden’]
làr|am 	- v. to ruin [bad-end]
làr|an 	- v.i. to be pessimistic [bad-hope]
làtin	- n.mass. malachite [hold-copper, from Shiholiro]
làva 	- n.masc. enemy, nemesis [bad-other]
làv|a 	- v. to screech, to whine [bad-voice]
làv|e 	- v.i. to be overwhelmed [bad-too.much]
là|m 	- v.i. to be left
lá 	- num. five
lá 	- v. to receive, to accept
lá 	- v.i. to flow, to be dripping, movement of liquid, to be urinating; to blow (wind)
láhazhal|o 	- v. to urinate (formal) [flow-lake-body.fluid]
láhim 	- v. to bleed [flow-blood]
láhoambas	- n.fem. payment [receive-similar-jewel]
láhwen 	- n.mass. glaze (informal) [shine-thing, from Shiholiro]
lámpelan	- n.mass. nitric acid, aqua fortis [eat-silver]
lán	- n.masc. poo, shit
lányen	- n.mass. aqua regia [eat-gold]
lánza	- v.i. to be noisome, disgusting
lánzarad|e	- v.i. to be outraged [disgusting-angry]
lánzen 	- n.masc. jackalope dropping [brown-sphere]
láral|a 	- v.i. to be exhausted [sweat]
láranala 	- v. to cry, to shed tears [flow-eye-sweat]
lárazh|a 	- n.neut. pentagon [five-thin-long]
lásan 	- n.masc. five-ranks, the subspecies hierarchy [five-superior-inferior]
láslahim 	- v.i. to be sweaty [flow-salt-blood]
láttejes 	- n.fem. the five sacred animals [five-sacred-animal]
lát|u 	- v. to forgive [receive-apologise]
lá|m 	- v. to eat, to learn, to dissolve
lá|n 	- v.i. to be brown, to stink
ledáhokkas 	- n.fem. career [business]
ledoáprales 	- n.fem. organisation [company]
lelé 	- n.neut. square, marketplace [from Shiholiro]
lembanè 	- n.mass. fluorspar [light-jewel]
lembà 	- v. to sneak [light-walk]
lembà 	- v. to touch [light-press]
lembàm	- n.masc. keyboard instrument (clipped)
lembàmhren	- n.masc. keyboard instrument
lembè 	- n.neut. weight [light-heavy]
lemfò	- v.i. to be gentle; to be played very softly, pianissimo (adverb) [light-force]
lemhe|a 	- v.i. to be easy [light-carry]
lempelán	- n.mass. manganese [light-silver]
lemvéhan	- n.neut. toponym, place-name
len 	- n.fem. place; apartment, flat
lendá 	- v.i. to be airy, low density [light-big]
lendán	- n.masc. stable, garage [place-unicorn]
leng(a)l|a 	- n.neut. meal, lunch [starter]
lengén 	- n.mass. soil, research [light-earth]
lenglanà 	- n.masc. starter, light meal
lenkén 	- v.i. to be lazy [light-work]
lensandà 	- n.masc. headquaters [place-superior]
lenshanè 	- n.mass. foam, soda (drink) [light-water]
lenshanèken	- n.masc. bubble
leshunà	- n.masc. desuetude
le|m 	- v.i. to be light (weight)
lè	- quant. none
lè 	- num. eleven
lè 	- v. to hold, to be having, to keep
lèd|e 	- v.i. to be physical [matter-adjective]
lègaf|o 	- v. to maintain [hold-at-hand]
lèhan	- n.fem. barrel
lèhan 	- n.neut. bucket, pail [hold-thing]
lèhyevan 	- n.masc. bucket of escargot, a bucket of snail-meat [hold-carry-slow]
lèken	- n.masc. atom, particle
lèlahan	- n.masc. loom [holding-thread]
lèm 	- num. zero, none
lèn 	- n.mass. matter, material, plural form of han ‘thing’
lènen 	- n.masc. sports team [squad]
lèpen 	- n.mass. galena [hold-lead]
lès 	- n.fem. deck [from Sihu]
lèshas 	- n.fem. bucket/pail of water [hold-water]
lé 	- v. to break an egg open, to hatch (with reflexive) [from Mateshiyu]
lé 	- v. to build
léfen	- n.mass. plastic 
léjegen 	- n.fem. fry [dim. of hatchling]
léjen 	- n.masc. young reptile [hatchling]
léjeren 	- n.masc. lava [dim. of hatchling]
léjes	- v.i. to be callow, inexperienced 
léjes 	- n.fem. hatchling, young bird [hatchling]
lén 	- n.fem. pity
lén 	- n.mass. time
lépan	- n.fem. unit of time about 3 minutes long (archaic) [time-part]
lér|am 	- v. to run out of time [time-end]
lés	- n.fem. hour, unit of time about 46 minutes long
lés 	- n.fem. Lés (unit of currency) [Réi]
lés 	- n.fem. brook [from Sihu]
lés 	- v. to offer (informal) [from Sihu, want-cause]
lésad|e 	- v.i. to be strange, weird [low-place-adjective]
lésas 	- n.fem. something that is weird [underwater]
lésh	- v.i. to be nascent, incipient, evolving, inchoate
létes 	- n.fem. list [account]
léttenalis 	- n.fem. antique [treasure]
létten|e 	- v.i. to be unfortunate [poor]
léttes 	- n.fem. reward [interest]
léttlan	- n.masc. chalk (writing tool) [clipped form of gypsum]
léttlan	- v.i. to be short (in length), to be stubby
lét|e 	- v.i. to be temporal [time-adjective]
li 	- v. to smell somthing, to sniff
lidoáhes 	- n.fem. Lidoáhes (place name) [archipelago]
liduré 	- v.i. to be fortunate [wealthy]
lilán	- v.i. to be revolted
lilánzen	- v. to be disgusted [smell-brown-sphere]
lilánzenshu	- v. to be averse, disdainful
liragín 	- n.masc. young jackalope [jackalope from Mateshiyu]
liragíntis 	- n.fem. a pen for keeping jackalopes [from jackalope breeding]
liragíntizash	- v.i. to breed and raise jackalopes [sharp-animal.part-animal-watch-professional]
lìshlen	- n.mass. antimony [remove-colour, from Shiholiro]
lì|n 	- v. to steal [to raid]
lí	- n.neut. an over-competitive person
lígen	- n.neut. young jackalope; a neotenous/youthful-looking person (figurative)
lín	- n.masc. adult male jackalope [borrowed from Mateshiyu] [male.jackalope-male.jackalope]
línmeren	- n.masc. an individual wooden stick of the balínmeren [two-male.jackalope-horn]
lín|de 	- v.i. youthful looking, cute, pretty, lovely [female.jackalope-adjective]
lís 	- n.fem. adult female jackalope [from Mateshiyu]
lítesh	- v.i. to be competitive
líteshlen	- n.mass. competition, contest
lít|e 	- v.i. to be over-competitive [male.jackalope-male.jackalope-adjective]
lo 	- v. to journey to, to travel to, to go to
lobabosafendè	- n.mass. zirconium [’powder from zircon’]
lobè|m	- v.i. to be wholesome, salubrious, salutary; to be sanitary
lodwekén	- v. to abrogate
lohasambas	- n.fem. diamond [jewel from water]
lokwós	- v. to abdicate
lol|en 	- n.neut. chest [breast-place]
lomèn	- n.fem. diminuendo; the loss of religious authority 
los 	- n.fem. breast
los 	- n.fem. journey, trip, vacation
losh	- v.i. to be evanescent, to be abstract
loshánlenshen	- n.mass. uranium
lozádanyen	- n.mass. candlelight; the bioluminescent glow of a penis (slang) [from-candle-light]
lozó 	- n.neut. nipple [from Mateshiyu]
lòmhon 	- v.i. to be dumb, stupid [swell-mind]
lòmnazh|a 	- n.neut. doctor [swell-end-professional]
lòm|am 	- v. to recover from an illness [swell-end]
lòn 	- n.fem. dragon
lòn 	- n.masc. husband (informal)
lònlen 	- n.masc. hospital [swell-place]
lònra|n 	- n.neut. patient [swell-person]
lònyos 	- n.fem. carp [dragon-fish]
lòren 	- n.masc. husband
lò|m 	- v.i. to swell
ló 	- v.i. to run away; to defect, desert
lólen 	- n.masc. passage [corridor]
lón	- n.mass. vomit (clipped)
lulí 	- v. to promise [from Sihu]
lutí 	- v.i. to canter [from Ouchiwu]
lùn 	- num. six
lùn(o)zh|o	- n.neut. cube (clipped), box (informal)
lùnzhosh|e 	- n.neut. cube (mathematical) [six-same-four]
man	- n.neut. nasal consonant
man	- v.i. to sound nasal
mà	- n.neut. kiss, sound of kissing
mà 	- v. to press, to kiss
màbran 	- n.fem. girl (formal) [mother-child]
màfas 	- n.fem. parent
màgan 	- n.fem. mother
màgangen 	- n.fem. maternal aunt
màh(e)r|e 	- v. to separate [press-break]
màrenlaken 	- n.masc. living room, sitting room, lounge
màr|en 	- n.neut. family [mother-younger.brother]
màs 	- n.fem. mum
màsanen	- n.masc. maternal uncle (of somebody else)
màsanen 	- n.fem. maternal uncle (of the speaker)
màshelan 	- n.fem. a woman who hasn’t given birth to a girl [mother-daughter-end]
màshes 	- n.fem. maternal line, lineage, bloodline, family name, surname [mother-daughter]
màves 	- n.fem. fiancée [girlfriend]
màv|a 	- v.i. to be high pitch [mother-voice]
má	- n.neut. tree-trunk (clipped) 
máhan 	- n.masc. plank (clipped); bar (any material)
máhan 	- n.mass. wood, fuel, software (clipped)
máhren	- n.masc. key of a keyboard or xylophone
májan 	- n.masc. woodsman (clipped)
mákelamfes	- n.fem. fence [blend of ‘wood’ and ’wall’]
máken	- n.masc. pitchfork (clipped)
máklen	- n.masc. antler (clipped)
mákren	- n.masc. fork (clipped)
mán 	- v.i. to be slow
mán(e)k|en 	- n.neut. speed [slow-fast]
mánsles	- n.fem. calmness, sangfroid [slow-breath]
me	- pro. you, singular second person pronoun
me 	- v. to include
mehetá|n 	- v. to accomplish [from Shiholiro, perfect-cause]
menè	- pro. you, plural second person pronoun
mes	- pro. you, polite singular second person pronoun
mè 	- v.i. to be sharp, acute
mèbash|a	- n.neut. audio cassette [blend of ‘loud’ and ‘cassette’]
mègran 	- n.masc. unicorn’s horn [sharp-nose]
mèg|em 	- n.neut. sharpness [sharp-blunt]
mèhre 	- v. to cut, to slice [sharp-break]
mèlem 	- n.masc. spear [sharp-light]
mèn	- n.fem. lightning bolt (clipped)
mèn	- n.masc. nail, an annoying male
mèn	- n.mass. electricity (clipped)
mèn	- v.i. to be electric, electrical (clipped)
mèn 	- n.masc. gate, filter, checkpoint
mèngas	- n.fem. headphones [loud-headband]
mènim(e)f|e	- v.i. to be electric, electrical
mènken	- n.fem. electron
mènshaplalen	- n.mass. audio tape [loud-tape]
mènyefen	- n.mass. phosphorous [bright-powder]
mènyehan 	- n.fem. lightning bolt [loud-sun-thing]
mènyelen 	- n.mass. electricity
mèny|e 	- v.i. to be bright, sunny [loud-sun]
mèren	- n.masc. pin; jackalope’s horn [sharp-animal.part]
mèrezhemplan	- n.masc. pasture, grassland, field [jackalope-plain]
mèrezhen 	- n.masc. jackalope [sharp-animal.part-animal]
mèrezhetten 	- n.mass. the practice of breeding and raising jackalopes [sharp-animal.part-animal-watch]
mèr|e	- n.neut. jackalope breeder
mès 	- n.fem. lock (of a canal) [borrowed from Sihu]
mètan	- n.masc. maw, a set of sharp animal teeth [sharp-teeth]
mèt|e 	- v.i. to be a winner; to win a competition (+ in) [to loot]
mèvefes	- n.fem. earphone, earbud [loud-earring]
mèzeban 	- n.neut. hook, sickle [sharp-torus-part]
mè|m 	- v.i. to be loud; confident
méren 	- n.masc. gate [from Shiholiro]
misrá 	- v. to smash [blast]
misrutí 	- v.i. to make a lot of noise; to jam (music) [gallop]
misrúsh 	- v. to cause to crack [dim. of smash]
mìdufin 	- n.masc. campaign [battle]
mìn 	- n.masc. arrow [from Ouchiwu]
mìnesh 	- v. to annoy [dim. of interfere]
mìnkan 	- n.masc. horn, spike [unicorn’s horn]
mìn|e 	- v. to interfere [to invade]
na 	- n.neut. crescent, fin (of a nìmpyèràn) [ear]
nambà 	- v. to garden, to remember [manipulate-garden]
nan	- n.fem. eel
nan(e)l|e	- n.neut. trick, alteration, adjustment
nandà 	- n.masc. snake
nanhambàn 	- n.masc. gardening tool [manipulate-thing-garden]
nanhambàs 	- n.fem. mnemonic [gardening tool]
nanhandà 	- n.masc. tool [manipulate-thing]
nantés 	- n.fem. the art/abillity to manipulate the elements, magic [manipulate-sacred]
nash	- v. to believe, to trust
nazán 	- n.masc. bow (and arrow) [from Ouchiwu]
na|n 	- v. to manipulate, to trick
nà	- pro. he, third person masculine pronoun
nàd|e 	- v.i. to be inferior, to be negatively charged [inferior-adjective]
nàf|e	- v.i. to be ersatz
nàran 	- n.masc. inferior [inferior-person]
nàshen 	- n.masc. shame [inferior-emotion]
nà|m 	- v. to prepare
ná 	- v. to spy [from Ouchiwu]
nán 	- n.masc. unicorn
nán 	- v. to hear, to understand
nán 	- v.i. to be hard, difficult
nándem(a)v|a 	- v.i. to receive telepathy; to hear news [hear-silent-voice]
nándemvan	- n.mass. news
nándemvas	- n.fem. radio
nánen 	- n.masc. labour [from Shiholiro]
nánshus	- n.fem. jargon [hard-language]
ne 	- v. to turn to, to change into, to switch to; to substitute, to represent
negen	- n.fem. in-group, friendship group
negenshus	- n.fem. argot
nehárad|e	- v. to roast [turn-use-fire]
nehon 	- v. to meditate on, to reflect upon, to contemplate [turn-mind]
nekas	- v.i. to be hilarious
nekeshembán	- n.neut. spoonerism
nek|a	- v.i. to be funny
nembà	- v.i. to be walkable, transversable [can-walk]
nembàn 	- v.i. to be divisible [can-part]
nembáhan	- v.i. to be ambiguous
nembèm 	- v.i. to be vulnerable [can-suffer]
nembi	- v.i. to have potential
nemfòsh	- v.i. to be explosive, volatile, unstable; to be brimming with anger,  to be about to have an outburst
nemvè 	- v.i. to be advantageous [can-benefit]
nemvò 	- v.i. to be habitable, livable [can-house]
nemvú	- v.i. to be brave, courageous
nemvúl|a	- n.neut. courage, bravery
nenà	- v.i. to be scary, terrifying
nenà 	- n.masc. worm
nenán	- v.i. to be audible
nendash	- v.i. to be trustworthy, to be believable
nenda|n	- n.neut. wit
nenda|n	- v.i. to be clever, cunning, witty
nendáran	- v.i. to be reliable
nendel|am	- n.neut. resolution, solution, answer, cure, repair
nendwohon	- n.neut. intellect
neneamèn	- n.mass. electrical conductivity
nenganmèn	- n.mass. electrical resistance
nengàs	- v.i. to be mortal (clipped)
nengàsik|o	- v.i. to be mortal
nenhré	- v.i. to be light (weight); to be exiguous, inadequate, sparse, scant; to be easy
nenkelò|m	- v. to be infectious, virulent
nenkel|am	- v. to be deadly, fatal, pernicious
nenkló	- v.i. to be fearful, timid, timorous 
nenklórad|e	- v.i. to be angry out of fear, like a caged animal [fearful-angry]
nenklós	- v.i. to be terrified, petrified
nenkón	- n.fem. visible light
nenkó|n	- v. to be visible
nenló	- v.i. to be free
nenmìnesh	- v.i. uncomfortable, annoying, irratating
nensá	- v.i. to be fertile, to be skeptical
nensho	- v.i. to be finite
nenso|a	- v.i. to be boring
nentà	- v. to be compatible with something
nentékke	- v.i. to be venal
nenzáhon	- v.i. to be explainable
nenzemnà	- n.masc. pot, jar, any seal-able container
nenzenslenè	- v.i. to be wearable, fashionable
nenzhègoan	- v.i. to be juicy 
nes 	- n.fem. group
nes 	- v.i. to be undercover, stealth [be-hide]
neshenkendá	- n.neut. metathesis 
net|a 	- v. to collaborate [share]
nevazón 	- n.masc. a litter of baby jackalopes [group-suck]
nevèn 	- n.masc. S-shape [worm-character]
nevèn(e)d|e 	- v.i. to be S-shaped [worm-character-adjective]
nezebánash|u	- n.neut. cabal
nezef(a)r|a	- n.neut. spa
nezefwon 	- n.masc. a litter of baby mammals [group-suck]
nezefwos	- n.fem. a pod of dolphins [n.fem. of nezefwon]
nezekenyós	- n.fem. school or shoal of sea-creatures; synchronised swimming team 
nezekenyós	- v.i. to school, to shoal; to swim together
nezeké|n	- n.neut. corporation, company
nezelèken	- n.masc. molecule
nezelón	- n.masc. splinter group, heretic group, group of apostates 
nezemáhren	- n.masc. keyboard (of a musical instrument); any instrument that consists of a series of bars to be struck, includes xylophones and keyboard instruments 
nezenèmpis	- n.fem. the Nìmpyèrànic language family
nezepín 	- n.masc. a herd of jackalopes; a friendship group, social circle (figurative) [group-gather]
nezeplà	- n.neut. crowd, audience
nezepù|m	- n.neut. bar, measure (music)
nezeshì	- n.neut. queue, a line of people
nezetanè	- n.neut. a set of teeth
nezetà	- n.neut. concatenation, combination, synergy
nezezhánshan	- n.masc. diaspora
nezèshus	- n.fem. the ‘Èshustic’ branch of the Nìmpyèrànic language
nezikohoà	- n.neut. TV series
nezikohoàs	- n.fem. film series
nezoizhuzón	- n.masc. company of soldiers 
nezósofen	- n.mass. a pharmaceutical company
nezóson	- n.masc. something that is necessary [unicorn manure]
nezóson	- v.i. to be necessary
ne|an	- v.i. to be visible
nè	- pro. they, third person mass pronoun
nèmfas 	- n.fem. blink [silent-flap]
nèmpyel|an 	- n.neut. Nìmpyèràn [shy-kind-person]
nèmpyeres 	- n.fem. Nìmpyèyìa; traditional Nìmpyèràn music [shy-kind-religion]
nèmpyeshus 	- n.fem. Nìmpyèshiu [shy-kind-language]
nèmpyeven 	- n.fem. a nìmpyèwèn character, nìmpyèwèn writing system [silent-race-character]
nèmvafes	- n.fem. telephone
nèmvas 	- n.fem. telepathy [silent-voice]
nèmvat|e 	- v.i. to be telepathic; to be wireless [silent-voice-adjective]
nèn 	- n.masc. army [from Ouchiwu]
nèn 	- n.mass. mud
nèn 	- n.mass. tar [mud-black, from Shiholiro]
nèn 	- v.i. to be dark (in colour) [black]
nèngas	- n.fem. wireless headphones [blend of  telepathic and headphones]
nèngo|an 	- v.i. to have a panic attack, to panic [think-disaster]
nènimash	- v.i. to be concerned
nènim|a 	- v.i. to be anxious, to be worried [think-spill]
nènshenlen	- n.mass. broadcast, radio-show
nèntlen 	- n.mass. pyrolusite [black-stone]
nèny|e 	- v.i. to be dark [silent-sun]
nèn|i 	- n.neut. castrated male unicorn [silent-male.unicorn]
nèn|she 	- v. to use a strategy [think-do]
nèn|shem 	- v. to transmit telepathically, broadcast[silent-speak]
nèn|shen 	- v.i. to be calm, tranquil [black-emotion]
nè|m 	- v.i. to be quiet; to be shy; to be careful, cautious [silent]
nè|n 	- v. to think, to think about
né 	- v. to give; to pay, to spend, to buy; to put
nébahan	- v. to commit [put-both]
néchen	- n.fem. day (day-night cycle) [night-day]
néchenzas	- n.fem. yesterday
néfen	- n.masc. alleyway
néfes	- n.fem. shade, shadow
néf|e	- n.neut. 2D shape, patch; birthmark; shape of a leaf
néhan(e)sh|e 	- n.neut. prize [give-thing-good]
néhon 	- v.i. to be drowsy, tired, weary [night-mind]
néjamfes	- n.fem. decoy, distraction
néjan 	- n.masc. guard [night-watchman]
nék(a)l|a 	- v. to feed [give-food]
nékag|e 	- v. to plant, to bury [put-at-earth]
nékk(e)r|e 	- v.i. to be expected [due]
néled|e 	- v.i. to be murky, cloudy, unclear [dark-matter-adjective]
nélegan	- n.fem. winter solstice
nélemfen	- n.mass. water pollution
nélen 	- n.masc. prison [dark-place]
nélen 	- n.mass. murky water [dark-matter]
néles	- n.fem. night, night-time [night-time]
ném 	- n.neut. bow, knot
némhlehas 	- v.i. to be telekinetic (using fog) [can-push-use-fog]
némvus 	- v.i. to be disrespectable
nénadezhen	- n.mass. magnesium [flammable-metal]
nénad|e 	- v.i. to be destructible [can-destroy]
nénad|e 	- v.i. to be flammable [can-fire]
néndes 	- n.fem. energy [able]
néneash 	- v.i. to be awful [can-want-out]
nénh(e)r|e 	- v.i. to be breakable, divisible [can-break]
nénkevog|e 	- v.i. telekinetic (using earth) [can-cause-move-earth]
nénkevoha 	- v.i. telekinetic (using water) [can-cause-move-water]
nénshensanda 	- v.i. to be respectable [can-speak-superior-inferior]
néntash 	- v.i. to be domestic (animals) [able-tie-two-animal]
nén|am 	- v.i. to be finishable [can-end]
néren	- n.masc. a stick of charcoal [clipped form of charcoal]
nér|an 	- n.neut. insomniac, night-owl [night-person]
nér|e 	- v.i. to be due (money) [pay-should]
nés 	- n.fem. darkness [night]
nés(e)l|en 	- n.masc. something/someone that is boring [murky water]
nésh 	- v. to award [give-good]
nésled|e 	- v.i. to be normal, ordinary, regular, usual, prosaic, mediocre [boring]
nésran 	- n.masc. prison cell [prison]
né|m 	- v. to seize, to snatch
nilí 	- v. to steer [from Sihu]
nizí 	- v. to retreat [from Ouchiwu]
nì	- n.neut. introvert [silent-male.unicorn]
nìhan 	- n.masc. a piece of pottery, pot, ceramics [clay-thing]
nìn 	- n.mass. clay [from Shiholiro]
nìt|e 	- v.i. to be introverted [silent-male.unicorn-adjective]
nìvateppan 	- n.mass. mortar [clay-lime]
nínan 	- n.masc. arch [from Shiholiro]
nínselen 	- n.mass. pitch, resin [mud-black, from Shiholiro]
nò 	- v.i. feminine, female
nòs 	- n.fem. woman
nòshes 	- n.fem. femininity [woman-good]
oanà 	- n.masc. lion
oanànezefwon	- n.masc. a litter of lion cubs [lion’s litter]
oanén 	- n.masc. steel [from Shiholiro]
oanénganash	- v.i. to be super stubborn [steel-stubborn]
oasoizhuzó 	- v.i. to be military [from Ouchiwu]
oatépen	- n.mass. lime [from Sihu word ‘seashell’ via Shiholiro]
oatépes	- n.fem. shell, seashell
oá 	- n.neut. softness
oáfes	- n.fem. a piece of furniture
oágan 	- n.fem. world
oáganslateme	- n.neut. weltschmerz, suffering for the world
oák(a)l|a 	- v.i. to be stale [hard-food]
oákran	- n.mass. flesh [soft-body.part]
oán 	- n.masc. hardness, fortitude
oánlezhen	- n.mass. peasant’s food [jackalope meat]
oáram|a 	- n.neut. conifer [soft-tree]
oás 	- v.i. to be soft
oátrezon 	- n.mass. softwood [soft-wood]
oátteb|en 	- n.neut. nut [hard-green-origin]
oáttrekefen	- n.mass. lab-grown meat	
oáttreken 	- n.mass. meat [soft-sharp-animal.part-animal]
oáva	- int. no!, oh-no!
oáv|a	- n.neut. cry of a baby, baby (informal)
oáv|a	- v.i. to cry like a baby 
oázahret|a	- n.neut. hairbrush [soft-comb]
oázazhen	- n.mass. sodium [soft-metal]
oboipó 	- v. to parry [from Ouchiwu]
ocheké|n	- n.neut. retirement	-
ogedós 	- n.fem. estuary [from Sihu]
oinuzón 	- n.masc. shield [from Ouchiwu]
oizhuzón 	- n.masc. soldier, infantry [from Ouchiwu]
oíven 	- n.fem. vagina
otarí|n 	- v.i. to remain, to stay [survive]
otebèn	- v.i. to be late
otebèng(a)l|a	- n.neut. dessert
otedáran	- n.masc. treachery, perfidy
otedár|an	- v.i. to be perfidious, treacherous, disloyal, deceitful
otedé	- v.i. to be exhausted, worn out
otef(a)r|a	- v.i. to be relaxed
otefén	- n.masc. indoors, interior
otefén	- v.i. to be indoors, inside, interior
otefòshun	- n.mass. aftermath 
otefulòm	- v.i. to be quenched; to be swollen, turgid
otehré	- v.i. to be relocated
otekenél|e	- v.i. to be muddy, turbid; to be confused, muddled, mixed up
otekeplà	- n.neut. induction, generalisation
otekeràsh	- v.i. to be alert
otekeshì	- n.neut. deduction, conclusion
otekoán	- n.masc. grief
otenè|n	- v. to consider
otenéchen	- n.fem. tomorrow
otevéhan	- n.neut. family name, surname, last name
otékketan 	- n.masc. after-autumn [from Heyuhete, after-autumn]
otérekko 	- n.neut. after-spring [from Heyuhete, after-spring]
otésas 	- n.fem. after-winter [from Heyuhete, after-winter]
otéses 	- n.fem. a sixteen-day period after a season [from Heyuhete, after-season]
otéttakan 	- n.masc. after-summer [from Heyuhete, after-summer]
otinshezí 	- n.neut. ring [iris]
otí	- n.neut. nest (typically of a tree-dwelling animal); basket
otífes	- n.fem. bird box, bird cage
otín 	- n.masc. burrow, den, nest (on the ground); pet basket
otís 	- n.fem. bird’s nest [from Mateshiyu]
ottenés	- n.fem. late-night, after midnight but before sunrise
otteshèn	- n.fem. afternoon
oúsh 	- v.i. to be hard, firm
oúshuneren	- n.masc. pencil 
oúshuneren	- n.mass. graphite [hard-charcoal]
ozenmèn 	- n.masc. dot [dim. of pupil]
òm	- n.neut. sound of swallowing
òm	- v.i. to swallow
ònzat	- int. tasty
óf|o 	- v. to throw aimlessly, to fling
ósofen	- n.mass. a pharmaceutical brand
pa 	- num. 256 (162)
pal|a 	- n.neut. thickness, bombast [thick-thin]
pàn 	- n.masc. staircase [from Shiholiro]
pàshen 	- n.masc. step
pán 	- n.mass. tin [from Shiholiro]
pán 	- num. eight
pánzhos|am 	- n.neut. octahedron (mathematical) [eight-same-three]
pásen 	- n.masc. banister [step]
páttin 	- n.mass. bronze [tin-copper]
pe 	- v.i. to be cold, in the north
peà 	- v.i. to be old
peàfadan 	- n.masc. maternal grandfather (of somebody else, formal)
peàfagan 	- n.fem. maternal grandfather (of the speaker, formal)
peàfan	- n.masc. maternal grandfather (of somebody else, informal)
peàfas	- n.fem. maternal grandfather (of the speaker, informal)
peàkles 	- n.fem. age, circumference [old-young]
peàmagan 	- n.fem. maternal grandmother (formal)
peàmas 	- n.fem. maternal grandmother (informal)
peàran 	- n.fem. old woman
peàran 	- n.masc. old man
peàr|an 	- n.neut. elder, old person [old-person]
peàsh	- post. previous
peàshes 	- n.fem. wisdom [old-good]
peàsh|en 	- n.neut. a past life, the old body [old-body]
peàvizhuzon 	- n.masc. veteran [old-soldier]
pefés	- n.fem. air conditioning
pegén 	- n.mass. permafrost [cold-ground]
pehanè 	- n.mass. ice [cold-thing]
pekúgen	- n.fem. snowfall
pekús 	- n.fem. blizzard [cold-wind]
peláhoanshan	- n.mass. molten silver [blend of ‘silver’ and ‘liquid’]	
pelán 	- n.masc. ingot
pelán 	- n.mass. silver [from Shiholiro]
pelé 	- v. to attempt [from Shiholiro]
pel|am 	- v. to heat up, to warm up, to melt [cold-end]
penén 	- n.masc. cave (formal) [cold-dark]
peplàn 	- n.mass. ice [cold-wide]
pes	- n.fem. cold air, cold wind, cold weather; north (informal)
pes 	- v.i. to be freezing
pesh 	- v.i. to be cool
peslés	- n.fem. condensation formed from one’s breath in the cold [cold-breath]
pettò	- v. to clap hands, to play a concussive instrument, to hit two things together
pezhegén 	- n.mass. snow [cold-small-earth]
pezhegés 	- n.fem. snowflake
pèn 	- n.mass. lead [from Shiholiro]
pès	- n.fem. highlight, sparkle
pès	- v. to be white (painting) [clipped form of white lead]
pèslen 	- n.mass. litharge [lead-fog]
pèzazhun	- n.mass. white lead [lead-rotten-alcohol]
pé 	- n.neut. cup; drink, beverage
pés	- n.fem. bowl, crater
pi	- n.neut. drip, the sound of a drip
pi	- quant. some	
pi 	- v.i. to be right
pibù	- n.neut. echo, cave (informal)
pibù	- v.i. to echo, to reverberate; to resemble a cave, to be cold, dark and damp
pibùhar|an	- n.neut. echolocation
pibùhar|an	- v. to use echolocation on something [echo-use-eye]
pibùm	- n.mass. a genre of noisy distorted music (clipped)
pibùmisrutin	- n.mass. a genre of noisy distorted music [echo-jam]
pibùs	- n.fem. bat; a fan of Pibùmisrutin music
pì 	- v. to sew
pí 	- v.i. to be strange
pídan	- n.masc. a pair sheers (clipped)
planzhémpes	- v. to pan-fry
plaplà	- n.neut. flake, peeling
plaplà	- v.i. to be flaky
plaplàhan	- n.neut. ticket, slip of paper
plaplàkin	- n.mass. bismite [flaky-ore]
plaplàn	- n.mass. pastry
plà	- n.neut. leaf, palm
plà 	- v.i. to be wide, broad, general
plàgan	- n.fem. ocean
plàhan 	- n.neut. sheet, page; blanket [wide-thing]
plàlen 	- n.mass. paper
plàn	- n.masc. plain, desert, wasteland; spade
plàn	- n.mass. seawater
plàs	- n.fem. sea
ple 	- v. to wipe
plèsh|e 	- n.neut. temptation [seek-good]
plos 	- n.fem. wing
po 	- v. to hit, to play a percussion instrument
pomáhren	- n.masc. xylophone
pógen	- n.fem. a pet name for a female lover
póp|o	- n.neut. a pet name for a lover
póren	- n.masc. a pet name for a male lover
praleprán 	- n.masc. suburb [neighbourhood]
prán	- n.masc. kitchen equipment (clipped)
pré 	- n.neut. ear (includes fin) [fin]
préfes	- n.fem. microphone, recording device
prilón 	- n.masc. ford [from Sihu]
prilós 	- n.fem. shallow water [ford]
prù	- n.neut. fart, flatulence (plural)
prù	- v.i. to fart
pumpùm	- n.masc. drum, percussion instrument
pumpùn	- int. that’s amazing!, so exciting! (clipped)
pumpùnyel|an	- n.neut. drummer, percussionist; someone who makes a lot of noise
pumpùnzat	- int. that’s amazing!, so exciting!
pumpù|m	- n.neut. heartbeat, pulse, the sound of drums
pumpù|m	- v.i. to beat, to pulse
pùm(a)b|a	- v.i. to march [beat-walk]
pùmfes	- n.fem. synthesiser, the sound of synthesiser
pù|m	- n.neut. beat, pulsation, throb
pwelizhuzós 	- n.fem. a retired person [veteran]
pwè	- n.neut. sound of spitting; philippic
pwè	- v. to spit, to insult
pwèn	- n.mass. saliva, spit (informal); hunger
pwèn	- v.i. to be hungry, to salivate, to drool; to be irritable
pwès	- n.fem. diatribe, tirade, harangue
pwès	- v. to harangue
pyelarelán 	- n.masc. market [street]
pyè 	- n.neut. race, subspecies, kind, aura
pyoppín	- n.masc. chisel
pyoppín	- v. to chisel, sculpt, chip away
py|em 	- v.i. to be straight, direct
sa	- dem. this
sa	- pro. she, third person feminine pronoun
sadè 	- v.i. to be legal [law-adjective]
salen 	- n.fem. court [law-place]
sampeàs 	- n.fem. the superiority of the old over the young [superior-old]
sandà	- v.i. to be polarised, to be magnetic
sandà 	- n.masc. rank; charge (electromagnetism), polarity [superior-inferior]
sandàplan	- n.masc. magnet [polarised-ingot]
sandàzhen	- n.mass. cobalt, magnetic metal
sandàzhenkin	- n.mass. cobaltine [cobalt-ore]
sandán	- n.masc. sir (formal, respectful)
sandè 	- v.i. to be superior, to be positively charged [superior-adjective]
sandòs 	- n.fem. matriarchy [superior-woman]
sangàn	- n.fem. madam (formal, respectful)
sanhás 	- v. to shroud something in fog [hide-use-fog]
sanran 	- n.fem. superior [superior-person]
sansás 	- n.fem. superiority of life over death.
sanw|o 	- v. to sneak [hide-move]
sas 	- n.fem. law, rule
sasléchen	- n.fem. fifth day of the week
saslépan	- n.fem. the fifth eighth of an hour
saslés	- n.fem. third fog phase in the elemental cycle, fifth hour, the middle/midpoint of a cycle; west
savéfes	- n.fem. three star-rating [three-earing]
savín 	- n.masc. sword [from Ouchiwu]
sazhás 	- n.fem. lawyer [law-professional]
sazódan 	- n.masc. captain (military rank) [from Ouchiwu]
sa|n	- n.neut. cloak, coat, cover, wrapping
sa|n 	- v. to hide, to cloak, to cover; to coat, to wrap
sàduf|i 	- v.i. to be disobedient, contumacious, rebellious [to revolt]
sàm(a)b|a 	- v. to commute [repeat-walk]
sàm(a)v|a 	- v. to chat [repeat-voice]
sàmban 	- n.masc. spare part [repeat-part]
sàn 	- n.fem. cycle, era, gyre
sàn(a)s|a 	- v. to cause someone to reincarnate, to perform the ritual of transferring a mind to a newborn child [repeat-life]
sàn(e)d|e 	- v.i. to be nightly [repeat-night]
sànahefen	- n.mass. marble [repeat-thin-block]
sàndwev|i 	- v. to revolt (formal) [repeat-combat]
sàngan	- n.fem. hurricane
sànglas 	- n.fem. a poetic form [repeat-at-five]
sànsa|n	- v. to repeat many times, to the power of (maths)
sànsles	- n.fem. reincarnation, the Sàtsa̤a ritual [repeat-life-time]
sànyel|an 	- n.neut. Cyclist, a follower of Sànyìa [repeat-religion-person]
sànyes 	- n.fem. Sànyìa ‘Cycle Doctrine’ [repeat-religion]
sànyes 	- n.fem. a reformation movement [repeat-religion]
sànzen 	- n.masc. chain [repeat-torus]
sàn|a 	- v.i. to be annual, yearly [repeat-year]
sàn|a 	- v.i. to be striped, stripy [repeat-thin]
sàn|an 	- v.i. to be hopeful [repeat-hope]
sà|n 	- v. to repeat; to multiply, times; to circle; again
sá	- v.i. to be skeptical, logical
sá 	- n.neut. life, the element of life; a skeptical, logical person ; logic, skepticism; south-east
sá 	- num. three
sáchen	- n.fem. second day of the week
sáches 	- n.fem. the virtue or joy of life [life-good]
sáf|a 	- v.i. to be alive; to be switched on [life-have]
ságan	- n.fem. leap-winter, a winter in a leap year that has an extra week
sáken 	- n.neut. life nanté particle [octahedron]
sákke 	- v.i. to be born [life-cause]
sámazh|a 	- n.neut. triangle [three-thin-long]
sán	- n.masc. life priest
sános 	- n.fem. life priestess [life-woman]
sánshen	- n.fem. week, eight-day period [repeat-day]
sán|o	- n.neut. life priest (gender neutral)
sápan	- n.fem. the second eighth of an hour  
sár|en 	- v. to survive [life-beyond]
sás	- n.fem. second hour
sás 	- n.fem. winter [from Heyuhete word ‘lake’]
sáttepy|e 	- n.neut. Tsa̤atipyè [life-green-kind]
sedéhas 	- n.fem. Sedéhas (place name) [beach]
sedélen 	- n.masc. beach [sand-place]
sedén 	- n.mass. sand
sél|e 	- n.neut. Sle̤slipyè (informal); patrician, person of high rank or social class [from slang]
sémam|a 	- n.neut. log [round-tree]
sémhan 	- n.fem. clock, quarter of a day  
sémhan 	- n.masc. wheel, roll
sémhangen 	- n.fem. watch
sén(e)g|en 	- n.neut. circle, brim [round-shape]
sén(e)sh|en 	- n.neut. iris [round-colour]
séngen 	- n.fem. eternity
sés 	- n.fem. a season [from Heyuhete]
séttahas 	- n.fem. Síataha̤a Ocean (place name) [west-ocean]
sé|m 	- v.i. to be round, temporal
sh(e)l|em 	- v.i. to rise, to float [high-light]
sha 	- num. fourteen
sha 	- v. to know about something
sha 	- v.i. to be blue; to wander about
shadè 	- v.i. to be known [know-adjective]
shagen 	- n.fem. drop of liquid
shahamfén	- n.mass. pseudo-science
shahan 	- n.neut. fact [know-thing]
shalam 	- v. to forget [know-end]
shalen 	- n.fem. school [know-place]
shalèn	- n.mass. philosophy, academia, science, knowledge
shanè 	- n.mass. water
shazháfes	- n.fem. mountebank, a false expert, pseudo-scientist
shazhás 	- n.fem. scholar, philosopher, expert, scientist [know-professional]
shà 	- n.neut. birth
shàles	- n.fem. date of birth [birth-time]
shàs 	- n.fem. province
shàzhochen	- n.fem. birthday [birth-same-day]
shá 	- v. to clean
shá 	- v.i. to be long
shágo|a	- n.neut. lime [green-citrus]
sháhan 	- n.neut. unit of length [long-thing]
shák(a)r|a	- v. to recognise
shák(a)r|a 	- n.neut. ring finger, finger (informal) [long-body.part]
shákran	- n.masc. thumb
shákrap|an 	- n.neut. finger segment, phalanges
shákras	- n.fem. middle finger
shámhan 	- n.masc. roll of ribbon, tape, film [blend of ‘ribbon’ and ‘wheel’]
shán	- v. to smoke (food), to expose to smoke
shán	- v.i. to be black 
shán 	- n.mass. smoke
shándan 	- n.masc. mountain
shánhan 	- n.masc. the physical world [mountain-sea]
shánlenshan	- n.mass. pitchblende [black-foam]
shánren 	- n.masc. hill, mound, bump
shánsabin	- n.mass. smoked snail-meat
shánwemfes	- n.fem. computer-generated image, CGI
shánwen 	- n.masc. triangle [mountain-character]
shánwende 	- v.i. to be triangular [mountain-character-adjective]
shánzhas 	- n.fem. mountaineer [mountain-professional]
shán|am	- v.i. to be bellicose, warlike, hostile 
sháplahan	- n.neut. a piece of ribbon, tape, film
shár|am 	- n.neut. edge [long-end]
shása|n	- n.neut. dress, robe; curtain
sháshak(a)r|a	- n.neut. little/pinky finger
she	- pro. infinitive phrase marker
she 	- v.i. to be high, lofty
sheá 	- v. to study, to learn
sheában 	- n.mass. phonology [study-voice]
sheáfen 	- n.masc. craft [study-make]
sheáhimben 	- n.mass. history [study-go-now]
sheáhyes 	- v. to measure distance [study-near-far]
sheák(a)l|a 	- v. to taste [study-food]
sheákelam	- n.masc. hunting [study-hunt]
sheáken 	- n.mass. geometry [study-shape]
sheálem(e)b|e 	- v. to weigh [study-light-heavy]
sheálen	- n.mass. lesson, school-time, class
sheámashes 	- n.fem. genealogy [study-mother-daughter]
sheánemvas 	- n.fem. the discipline of learning to be telepathic [study-silent-voice]
sheápan 	- n.mass. engineering [study-part]
sheápem 	- n.mass. pathology [study-suffer]
sheápen 	- n.mass. art (discipline) [study-beautiful]
sheáp|a 	- n.neut. horticulture, gardening [study-garden]
sheáran 	- n.mass. diplomacy [study-peace]
sheásh 	- v. to measure [study-long]
sheáshukwopen - n.masc. thermometer [measure-heat]
sheávuplahan	- n.neut. photography
sheá|n 	- v.i. to be evil, fierce
sheb(a)r|an 	- n.neut. baby, infant (formal) [small-child]
shebán 	- n.masc. minority [small-part]
shebèn 	- post. during [high-now]
shebran 	- n.fem. baby girl
shebrandà 	- n.masc. baby boy
sheg(a)l|a 	- n.neut. snack [small-food]
sheg(a)l|a 	- v. to knead [stretch-food]
shegàt	- post. on-top [high-at]
shegén 	- n.mass. dust [small-earth]
shehan 	- n.neut. piece [small-thing]
shehyèt	- post. above [high-near]
sheì	- n.neut. towel
sheìn	- n.masc. napkin
sheladenà 	- n.masc. accident [small-destruction]
sheladén 	- n.masc. ember, a portable electronic device [small-fire]
shelamá 	- n.neut. bush, shrub [small-tree]
shelán 	- n.masc. tower [from Shiholiro]
shelèhan 	- n.fem. a bar of soap [soda-thing]
shelèn 	- n.mass. soda [from the Sihu word for ‘ash’]
shelèvateppan 	- n.mass. lye, caustic soda [soda-lime]
shelé 	- n.mass. pigment, paint [from Shiholiro]
shel|a 	- v.i. to be slim [small-thin]
shemà	- n.neut. frisson, thrill
shembán	- n.neut. syllable
shembèn	- v.i. to be on time, timely, punctual
shemér|en	- n.neut. pride
shemhan 	- n.neut. speech, word [speak-thing]
shemhábas	- n.fem. paean, a great complement
shemháb|a	- v. to praise, to complement
shemhánem	- int. it’s nice to meet you
shemhánmes	- int. it is an honour to meet you
shemhombán	- n.neut. chutzpah
shemho|a	- n.neut. blandishment
shemho|a	- v. to flatter, to wheedle
shemhrés	- n.fem. luck, fortune
shemnenà	- n.masc. symbiont
shempé	- n.neut. elixir, potion, medicine in the form of a liquid
shempé	- v.i. to be tasty (drink)
shempí	- v.i. to be interesting
shemplà	- v.i. to be commodious, spacious, roomy, capacious
shemvé	- v.i. to be romantic
shem|a	- v.i. to be minimalistic, pithy
shenà 	- n.masc. louse, bug, flightless insect
shenè 	- n.mass. ash, rust
shenèn 	- n.masc. squad [small-army]
shené|m 	- v. to raid [small-seize]
shenge|n	- v.i. to be in proportion, to be geometrically beautiful
shengùr|an	- n.neut. benefactor, philanthropist
shenkendá	- n.masc. phoneme
shenkes	- v. to be piquant
shenlen	- n.mass. talk, lecture
shenlendà	- n.masc. animal call
shenlos	- int. bon voyage!
shensandà 	- v. to respect, to honour [speak-superior-inferior]
shensandàd|e 	- v.i. to be respectful [speak-superior-inferior-adjective]
shensandàhan 	- n.fem. noun class [honorific]
shenshàsh	- int. happy birthday! (informal)
shenshàzhochen	- int. happy birthday! (formal)
shenshemhan	- n.neut. benediction, blessing; euphony, harmony
shenslás 	- n.fem. colour spectrum, rainbow [colour-order]
shenso|a	- n.neut. a good dream
shentà	- n.neut. prophet
shentà	- v.i. to have divine wisdom
shentéles	- int. happy holidays!	
shenyé	- v.i. to be healthy, fit, active
shenyéf|o	- n.neut. master, a highly skilled person
shenyéf|o	- v.i. to be adept
shenzá	- int. bravo!, well done!
shenzhè	- v.i. to be snug, to be cosy, to be comfortable
sherèn 	- post. over [high-beyond]
shesh 	- v.i. to be small, little, tiny, minor
sheshe	- n.neut. whisper, susurration
sheshyè 	- n.neut. letter, message [small-write]
sheteb|en 	- n.neut. grain [small-green-origin]
shetó 	- n.neut. discovery
shetón 	- n.masc. military victory
shetóren 	- n.masc. a victory in a game or sport [dim. of victory]
shetós 	- n.fem. justice, a moral victory
shevá 	- v. to whisper [small-voice]
shevembén	- n.mass. white vitriol [small-powder-white]
shevenè	- n.mass. vitriol [back-formation]
shevenshanè 	- n.mass. blue vitriol [small-powder-blue]
shevenshas	- n.fem. glassy bead
sheventenè 	- n.mass. green vitriol [small-powder-green]
shevèn 	- n.masc. path [small-road]
shevé 	- n.masc. peer [small-friend]
shevonà 	- n.masc. tent, hut [small-house]
shevozé|m 	- v.i. to be brief [small-move-round]
shezhá|m 	- v. to drip [small-pour]
shezhèn 	- post. off [high-out]
shezhé|n 	- n.neut. cheer, glee [high-emotion]
shezhé|n 	- v.i. to be cheerful, glad, merry, gleeful
she|m 	- v. to speak, to talk, to say
she|n 	- n.neut. colour; musical note
shè	- v. to interpret
shè 	- num. thirteen
shè 	- v. to vomit, to talk rubbish
shègan 	- n.fem. master
shèn 	- n.fem. day, daytime
shèn 	- n.masc. son
shèn 	- post. out of, not near
shèn(e)d|e 	- v.i. to occur daily; to be quotidian, ordinary, routine [day-adjective]
shèndes	- v.i. pleasure
shèngan	- n.fem. summer solstice
shèn|an 	- v.i. to be afraid [heaven-peace]
shèn|de 	- v.i. to be pleasant [please-adjective]
shèrazh|a 	- n.neut. quadrilateral [four-thin-long]
shèren 	- n.masc. son (affectionate)
shèzhos 	- n.fem. tetrahedron (mathematical) [four-same-three]
shé	- v.i. to be late
shé 	- n.neut. tongue
shé 	- n.neut. torso [from Mateshiyu]
shé 	- v. to do, to act
shé 	- v.i. to be late
shé 	- v.i. to be stupid
shébes 	- n.fem. perk [good-benefit]
shébos 	- n.fem. home [good-house]
shéb|a 	- n.neut. friend [good-other]
shéb|a 	- v. to sing [good-voice]
shéb|e 	- n.neut. best friend [good-friend]
shéb|e 	- v. to exhaust [do-too.much]
shéb|e 	- v.i. to be plenty [good-too.much]
shéchas 	- n.fem. noble [good-birth]
shéchen 	- n.fem. good [good-emotion]
shégan	- n.fem. bird of prey
shéje 	- n.neut. caution [good-decide]
shék(a)l|a 	- v.i. to be tasty, delicious [good-food]
shékkon 	- v.i. to be fancy; to be specious, spurious [good-look]
shélen 	- n.fem. west [west-place]
shél|om 	- v. to suffer [do-swell]
shém(e)f|e	- v.i. to be maudlin, mawkish
shémeny|e 	- v.i. to be brilliant [good-loud-light]
shén	- n.masc. daughter (of the speaker)
shén	- n.masc. flightless bird
shén 	- n.fem. emotion, mood, passion, spirit
shénken	- n.masc. cell (biology)
shénos 	- n.fem. lady [good-woman]
shép|a 	- v.i. to stroll [good-walk]
shép|an 	- v. to contribute [good-part]
shép|e 	- v. to satisfy [do-enough]
shép|em 	- v.i. to have hallucinations [suffer]
shép|en 	- v. originate [do-origin]
shéraden 	- n.masc. controlled fire, domestic fire [good-fire]
shérad|e 	- v. to destroy [do-destruction]
shérahafes	- n.fem. machination, evil plan
shérahan 	- n.masc. sin [do-bad-thing]
shéralen	- n.mass. skulduggery
shéren	- n.masc. daughter (of the speaker, affectionate)
shér|a 	- n.neut. quality [good-bad]
shér|a 	- v.i. to sin [do-bad]
shér|am 	- v. to complete, to end [do-end]
shér|an 	- v.i. to be optimistic [good-hope]
shér|e 	- v. to radiate [do-light]
shés	- dem. these (informal)
shés	- n.fem. daughter (of someone else)
shés	- v. to season [do-salt]
shés 	- n.fem. bird, song-bird; singer
shés 	- n.fem. future
shésh 	- v.i. to be good
shésheacha 	- n.neut. score [good-study-long]
shéshen 	- n.masc. child, offspring
shéshus	- n.fem. bird-call, bird-song; lyrics
shéshus	- v.i. (typically birds) to sing, to serenade
shét	- post. after [west]
shé|m	- n.neut. state
shé|m 	- v.i. to be loose, to be wide open, to long (time), to be large (collocates with spaces)
shé|m 	- v.i. to be nervous
shé|n 	- n.neut. body, person, individual
shirékken 	- n.masc. tack room [tack-room]
shirén	- n.mass. unicorn tack [from Ouchiwu]
shirín 	- n.masc. spider [from Mateshiyu]
shisléchen	- n.fem. seventh day of the week
shislépan	- n.fem. the seventh eighth of an hour
shislés	- n.fem. fourth fog phase in the elemental cycle, seventh hour; polewards (north in northern hemisphere, south in southern hemisphere)
shivéfes	- n.fem. four star-rating [four-earing]
shì	- n.neut. stem of a plant
shì 	- v.i. to be narrow; to be specific
shìfes	- n.fem. laser beam
shìn	- n.masc. pin
shìrahas 	- n.fem. strait, channel [narrow-ocean]
shìs	- n.fem. beam/shaft of light, jet of water/air, tree-trunk
shíchi	- n.neut. bird call
shíchi	- v.i. to chirp
shlen 	- n.fem. top, up [high-place]
shlendà	- n.masc. mite
shlè 	- v.i. to be hung, to be suspended, to be dangled [high-hold]
shlèglan	- n.mass. bait, delight
shlèglan	- v. to lure, to tempt
shlèl|en 	- n.neut. a place to hang something, hanger, hook [high-hold-place]
shlèram 	- v.i. to be dropped from a height [high-hold-end]
shlés 	- n.fem. a period of time, instant, moment [small-time]
sho 	- v. to count
sho 	- v.i. to be saturated (colour)
shoinzón	- n.masc. umbrella [high-shield]
shol|am 	- v. to fade, to desaturated [saturated-end]
shoslá 	- n.neut. ordinal number, position [count-order]
shó|m 	- v.i. to be central
shrè 	- num. ten
shrínyedaven	- n.mass. web, spiderweb, cobweb [spider’s net]
shrínyedav|en	- v.i. to be insidious
shufé	- v.i. to conlang
shufés	- n.fem. conlang
shus 	- n.fem. language
shù 	- n.neut. foot; foot-ware, shoe
shyè 	- v. to write, to record
shyèhan 	- n.neut. book, writing, text [write-thing]
shyèho|a 	- v. to draw [write-picture]
shyèsh	- v. to paint, to compose (music) [write-colour]
shyèzh|o	- n.neut. homograph
shyé 	- n.neut. knee [joint]
shyéfes	- n.fem. hinge; trunk, chest, a box with a hinged lid
shì 	- num. four
slabos	- n.fem. an ultra-rich person, millionaire, billionaire  
sladè 	- v.i. to be salty [salt-adjective]
sladèbin	- n.mass. salted snail-meat
sladémfen	- v.i. to be state of the art, high tech
slahím 	- n.mass. body fluid [sweat]
slakwèn	- n.fem. chest, the area above the breasts
slamás	- n.fem. treetops, canopy
slandè	- v.i. to be over-eager, officious
slanè 	- n.mass. salt
slaré	- n.neut. upper arm
slavá	- n.neut. epiglottis
slavén 	- n.mass. alum [from Shiholiro]
slazhanè 	- n.mass. sweat [saltwater]
slá 	- v.i. to be smooth
slágran	- n.masc. pebble
sláhan 	- n.neut. a piece of silk [smooth-thing]
slát|e 	- v.i. to be orderly, neat [order-adjective]
sle 	- v.i. to be purple, violet; to change, to metamorphose, to transform; to be patrician, upper-class
slebán	- n.fem. adult (formal), sexually mature person
slebán	- v.i. sexually mature, post-pubescent 
slebis	- v.i. to be high-grade, high quality
slefén	- n.masc. lintel
slefénhan	- n.fem. magnum opus
slefòben	- n.fem. government
sleglagrà	- n.neut. oesophagus
slegrá|n	- n.neut. nasal bridge
sleháradlesh	- v. to be a temperature above the boiling point of water
slehás	- n.fem. cachet, status symbol, privilege
slek|a	- n.neut. upper lip
slemàv|a	- n.neut. ultrasound 
slemàv|a	- v.i. to be ultrasonic
slemè|m	- v.i. to be bumptious, rude, cocky
slen 	- n.fem. hole, lacuna; mouth
slenes	- n.fem. leader
slengen 	- n.fem. pore [hole]
slenkón	- n.fem. ultraviolet light
slenkó|n	- v.i. to be ultraviolet
slenràn 	- n.fem. mannequin
slenràngen 	- n.fem. doll [puppet]
slesh	- v.i. to be indigo
sleshemnè	- n.mass. elocution, public speaking; formal speech
sleshéngan	- v. to be upstream (of)
slesho	- v.i. to be infinite, unending
sleshù	- n.neut. ankle; stocking, sock
sleshyé	- n.neut. thigh; short skirt
sletà	- v. to hang, to suspend, to droop (passive)
sleté	- n.neut. hubris
slevonà	- n.masc. attic, loft, roof
sle|an	- n.neut. eyebrow
sle|an	- v.i. to be supercilious
sle|n 	- v.i. to be hollow
slè	- n.neut. cleft (body)
slè 	- v. to split, to fracture, to rupture; to break up with someone
slèfes	- n.fem. wound, cut, tear
slèfes	- v.i. to be shabby, to be ragged
slèfezens(e)l|e	- n.neut. rag, strip
slèf|e	- n.neut. rag, strip (clipped)
slèf|e	- v. to cut, slice, rip, tear
slègan	- n.fem. schism, rift, split
slèn	- n.masc. fissure
slébos 	- n.fem. temple, place of worship; concert hall [fog-house]
sléchen	- n.fem. first day of the week
slédan	- n.masc. fog priest; male lead singer of a band, male pop-star 
sléken	- n.fem. fog nanté particle [dodecahedron]
slémas 	- n.fem. fog priestess; female lead singer of band, female pop-star [fog-mother]
slémashes 	- n.fem. a group of priests/priestesses, band (music), coterie [fog-mother-daughter]
slémbas	- n.fem. sapphire, corundum [fog-jewel]
slém|a	- n.neut. fog priest (gender neutral); lead singer of a band, pop-star [back-formation of slémas]
slén	- n.mass. fog, gas, air
slénahan	- n.neut. a string made of fog, a string of a Laslénahan [fog-string]
sléradeslas 	- n.fem. the elemental hierarchy [fog-fire-order]
slérad|e 	- n.neut. element; temperament, mood [fog-fire]
slés	- v.i. to be erratic, susceptible to change, indecisive, emotional, discursive
slés 	- n.fem. breath, fog, mist; an erratic, indecisive person; emotion
sléshan 	- n.mass. fluid (includes liquids and gases)
sléshlon 	- n.mass. mucus [fog-body.fluid]
sléslepyes 	- n.fem. Sle̤slipyè [fog-purple-kind]
soalakén	- n.masc. bedroom; a sexual relationship, sex life
soalén 	- n.masc. hotel [sleep-place]
soashus	- n.fem. sleep-talking
soashus	- v.i. to sleep-talk
sogákan	- n.masc. a disease that causes blindness
sogákas	- n.fem. a blinding light
so|a 	- v.i. to sleep, to be bored; to be on stand-by mode (devices)
sò 	- v. to bend
sòg(a)r|a 	- n.neut. wrist [bend-body.part]
sògran 	- n.masc. knuckle
sránles 	- n.fem. about 11 seconds, a deep breath [breathe-time]
srá|m 	- v.i. to breathe
srá|n 	- v. to blow; to talk pompously, to bloviate; to play a wind instrument
sú	- n.neut. protector, watcher
sú	- v. to watch, to guard, to protect
súfes	- n.fem. security camera
sún	- n.masc. guardian, guard, security guard
súteshes	- n.fem. the cult of Tsṳ
sút|e	- n.neut. Tsṳ, the guardian dragon
swerás 	- n.fem. bed [from Shiholiro]
sweveprás 	- n.fem. hotel room [hotel]
sw|e 	- v. to lay something down; to add a layer, to complicate
tahafén	- n.mass. purified water
tahanè 	- n.mass. freshwater
takán 	- n.masc. summer [from Heyuhete word ‘fire’]
tamfés	- n.fem. false tooth 
tangrà 	- n.neut. skin; the skin of a drum; drum (informal) [pale-body.part]
tas 	- v.i. to be supreme
ta|m 	- v.i. to be pale
ta|n 	- n.neut. tooth
tà	- n.neut. ligament, vine
tà 	- v. to tie, link, join, add, plus, append, connect; to moor
tàchen	- n.fem. leap-week, an extra week added to the end of winter in a leap-year
tàmbran 	- n.neut. umbilical cord [tie-mother-child]
tàn	- n.masc. chain
tàs	- n.fem. pan-pipes, pan-flute (clipped) 	
tàs	- n.fem. spiritual bond, mooring
tàsavafes	- n.fem. pan-pipes, pan-flute [tied-flute]	
tàsh	- v. to breed two animals [tie-two-animal]
tá 	- n.neut. a strand of hair
táfes	- n.fem. car, locomotive, any motorised wheeled vehicle
táfes	- n.fem. train (clipped)
táfes	- n.fem. wig, carpet
tágan	- n.fem. broom
tám|bran 	- v. to adopt [take-child]
tán	- n.masc. unicorn and cart (clipped)
tán 	- n.masc. fur-coat
tány|e 	- v. to assume [take-idea]
tás 	- n.fem. brush
tá|n 	- v. to accomplish (clipped)
te	- pro. affirmative relative/existential marker, there’s a …
te 	- v.i. to be green; to create, to be creative
tebas	- n.fem. emerald [green-jewel]
tebáne|a 	- n.neut. weed [green-not-want]
tebendà	- n.masc. spore
tebèmam 	- n.mass. medicine
tebèm|am 	- n.neut. pill [herb, green-suffer-end]
tebis	- v.i. to be middle-grade, average
teb|en 	- n.neut. seed, hypothesis [green-origin]
tefén	- n.mass. synthetic wool
tefés	- v.i. to be pretentious
teg(a)l|a 	- n.neut. vegetable [green-food]
tegenkón 	- n.masc. woolly jackalope, cuddly toy [wool-shape-breed]
tegé 	- n.neut. a blade of grass, lawn (plural); canvas [green-ground]
tegé 	- n.neut. leg, skirt [limb]
teg|en 	- v.i. to be woolly [wool-shape]
tekedá 	- n.neut. plant [green-cause-big]
tekedád|a	- n.neut. seedling, sprout, shoot, sapling
tekedáken	- n.masc. algae
tekedáslen	- n.mass. oxygen [plant’s fog]
telén	- n.masc. a piece of flint [from Shiholiro word for ‘stone’]
telén 	- n.mass. creation, time before the year 0 NC [create-time]
telérad|e 	- v.i. to be soapy [stone-shine-adjective]
telérahren 	- n.mass. talc, soapstone [stone-shine-adjective, from Shiholiro]
teléttlan 	- n.mass. gypsum, chalk [stone-white, from Shiholiro]
tembá 	- v. to compare [watch-both]
temè 	- n.neut. thorn, pain; an annoying person [green-sharp]
temème	- n.neut. an annoying person (pejorative)
ten 	- post. in front
ten(e)l|en 	- n.neut. stage [watch-place]
tendè 	- v.i. to be bony [bone-adjective]
teneprán 	- n.masc. community [town]
tenè 	- n.mass. wool, fabric
tenés	- n.fem. midnight, midnight-hour
tenhan 	- n.neut. scene [watch-thing]
tenídan 	- n.masc. town
tenín 	- n.masc. village [from Shiholiro]
tenzhán 	- n.fem. face, front
ten|ran 	- n.neut. spectator [watch-person]
tesh	- v.i. to be cyan
teshemnè	- n.mass. casual/informal speech
teshèn	- n.fem. noon, midday, noon-hour
tetlés 	- n.fem. creation festival [create-festival]
tet|o 	- n.neut. bracket, corner [’te’-’tu’, from the shape of the nìmpyèwen characters]
tezat|a	- n.neut. an artist who used to be good but no longer is
tezegùsh|u	- n.neut. lingua franca 
tezhà 	- v.i. to be fluffy [from Heyuhete via Mateshiyu]
tezhàkon 	- n.masc. goat [woolly jackalope]
tezhé	- n.neut. someone who is unable to make a decision 
tezhé	- v. to be indecisive 
tez|a 	- n.neut. plant disease; artist/writer’s block [green-rotten]
te|n 	- n.neut. bone, corpse (plural)
tè 	- v. to stab, to get an idea though to somebody
tè|n 	- v. to bite, to lash out at someone
té 	- v. to gain, to be promoted to [from Sihu]
té 	- v.i. to be sacred
téchazhochen	- n.fem. birthday of Queen Ba̤ito̤ [sacred-birth-same-day]
téches 	- n.fem. sacredness [sacred-good]
téfen	- n.mass. fake fur
téken 	- n.fem. nanté particle [platonic solid]
tékke 	- v. to sell [gain-cause]
tékklettenalis	- n.fem. auction, antique sell, antique shop [sell-treasure]
télen 	- n.fem. shop [gain-place]
télenyen	- n.mass. genre of music typically played in shops, elevator music [shop-music]
téles	- n.fem. festival, holiday [sacred-time]
tén 	- n.fem. sky
tén 	- n.mass. fur
téngenshu	- v.i. to be grey
ténlen 	- n.masc. community [town]
ténranten	- n.masc. Hoti̤anràn, a demonic spirit; juggernaut (clipped)
ténshen 	- n.fem. fate [sky-state]
tépes	- n.fem. shell, seashell (clipped)
téragres 	- n.fem. bio-luminescent lines [sacred-thin-mark]
térantes	- n.fem. deity, god, goddess [sacred-person]
téshal|e	- n.neut. the Dehatéshal pentatonic scale (clipped)
tétta 	- v. to profit [sell]
téttan 	- n.masc. workshop [shop]
tét|e 	- v.i. to be furry [fur-adjective]
té|n 	- v.i. to stop, to settle, to dwell, to wait
tidí 	- v. to dock [from Sihu]
tikw|o	- n.neut. dance (as a discipline)
tirín 	- n.masc. greave [from Ouchiwu]
tiví 	- n.neut. upper back [from Mateshiyu word ‘neck’]
tìn 	- n.masc. ceiling [from Shiholiro]
tídan	- n.masc. business, company (clipped)
tídazhun	- v. to be verdigris, light sea green, zomp, keppel
tídazhun 	- n.mass. verdigris [copper-rotten-alcohol]
tíkrankin	- n.mass. brass [copper-rough-ore]
tín 	- n.masc. a group of co-workers/colleagues (clipped)
tín 	- n.masc. camp [from Ouchiwu]
tín 	- n.mass. copper [from Shiholiro]
tínti|n	- n.neut. bell, the sound of a bell ringing
tínti|n	- v.i. to ring; to make annoying noises
típ|an 	- n.neut. tent pole, tent (plural)
tlamáhan	- n.masc. kindling, a computer program/application
tlanyén 	- n.masc. nuisance (slang, vulgar epithet)
tlazhá 	- n.neut. stem [green-thin-long]
tlá|m 	- n.neut. herb [green-eat]
to 	- pro. sub-clause marker
toalán 	- n.masc. effort [from Shiholiro]
toalánshu	- v.i. to be facile
toáfes	- n.fem. snowmobile
toán 	- n.masc. unicorn and sleigh, sleigh
toánlatinti|n	- n.neut. sleigh bell, jingle bell [sleigh-la-bell]
toás 	- n.fem. owl; night-owl, person who stays up late
tó 	- v. to conquer (clipped)
trelanéren 	- n.mass. charcoal, carbon [wood-black, from Shiholiro]
trè 	- n.neut. petal [leaf]
tu 	- n.neut. throat, neck; collar
tush	- quant. few
tush 	- v.i. to be few, several
tú 	- v. to row
ugol|a 	- v. to serve food [move-food]
unoà	- pro. I, polite singular first person pronoun
ú	- n.neut. moan
úf|e	- v.i. to be sexy, sexual
úhu	- v.i. to have sex
ún	- n.mass. sexual intercourse
va	- n.neut. other
va 	- v.c. to seem, to appear, to sound like
vadè 	- v.i. to be another, to be different [other-adjective]
vagùs 	- n.fem. overseas, foreign land [other-land]
vahan 	- n.neut. junk [other-thing]
val|am 	- v. to assimilate [other-end]
vash	- int. nonsense!
vazh|u 	- n.neut. gibberish, bunk, claptrap [other-language]
vá 	- n.neut. voice
vádan 	- n.masc. brick (clipped)
váfes	- fem speaker (technology), electro-larynx (clipped)
váfes	- n.fem. flute, pipe (clipped)
váfeshel|an	- n.neut. piper, flutist
vájas 	- n.fem. singer, vocalist [voice professional]
ván	- v.i. to be aggressive, threatening, looking for trouble (clipped)
vár|am 	- v.i. to shut up [voice-end]
velen 	- n.fem. high ground, place of advantage [benefit-place]
ves 	- n.fem. benefit, advantage
vè 	- num. 65 536
vèdan 	- n.masc. street [road-big]
vèke-u	- n.neut. acronym, initialism [acronym of véhen evézen ke wèn ‘name-made of first letters’]
vèn 	- n.masc. road; progress, course
vé 	- n.neut. partner, lover [friend]
vé 	- v. to call
véche|n	- n.neut. colour scheme; chord (music) [friendly-colour; spelt véteshe] 
véfes	- int. five stars! top notch! (clipped)
véfes	- n.fem. star-rating [reanalysis from earring]
véhan 	- n.neut. name [call-thing]
véhan(o)zh|o	- n.neut. homonym
véhanzat|a	- n.neut. previous name	
véhemfegen	- n.fem. sobriquet, pet-name, term of endearment
véhemfes	- n.fem. pseudonym, nickname
vén 	- n.masc. boyfriend
véplan 	- n.fem. council [call-both-person]
vérav|a	- v. to claim [call-have]
vér|am 	- v. to have falling out with a friend [friend-end]
vér|an 	- n.neut. caller [call-person]
vés 	- n.fem. girlfriend
vésash	- v. to bother someone (clipped)
vét|e 	- v.i. to be friendly; to be faithful, close [friend-adjective]
ví 	- v. to resign from a match (clipped)
vídan	- n.masc. ape
vív|i	- n.neut. monkey, a naughty person
vív|i	- v.i. to be naughty, to mess about, to monkey about
vodè 	- v.i. to be domestic [house-adjective]
vol|am 	- v. to demolish, to knock down [house-end]
vonà 	- n.masc. house
vozhán 	- n.masc. builder [house-professional]
vozhè|n 	- v. to exile, to kick out [other-out]
vó	- int. bye; goodbye, farewell (clipped)
vó	- v. to protest about, to complain
vó 	- v.i. to travel on foot, to hike (clipped)
vólen	- n.mass. protest
vólesheg|en	- v.i. to be peevish
vón 	- n.masc. traveller (clipped)
vós	- v.i. to be querulous
vóvo	- int. bye-bye!
vú 	- v. to be against, to oppose, to accuse
vúb|a 	- v. to silence [against-voice]
vúden	- int. Aha!, I knew it!, Busted!
vúd|an 	- v.i. to be counter-intuitive [against-real]
vúd|em 	- v. to expose, to uncover, to reveal, to catch out [against-cover]
vúfes	- n.fem. devil’s advocate
vúf|e 	- v.i. to be unproductive [against-make]
vúhim 	- v.i. to be lazy [against-go]
vúhun 	- n.masc. mutiny [against-ship]
vújus 	- n.fem. non-alcoholic [against-alcohol]
vúk(a)l|a 	- v. to fast [against-food]
vúkke 	- v. to prevent [against-cause]
vúkke 	- v.i. to be awkward [against-fit]
vúkken 	- v. to go on strike [against-work]
vúlas	- n.fem. salmon, an intrepid person
vúlen	- n.mass. accusation
vúl|a 	- v. to refuse [against-receive]
vúl|a 	- v.i. to go upstream, to be intrepid [against-flow]
vúl|am 	- v. to lock [against-open]
vúl|e 	- v. to drop, to leave something, to discard, to throw away [against-hold]
vúl|o 	- v. to return [against-journey]
vúman 	- n.masc. disobedience [against-mother]
vúm|en 	- n.neut. exit [against-gate]
vún	- n.masc. adversary, accuser
vún	- n.mass. obloquy
vúnon 	- n.masc. misogyny [against-woman]
vúplahan	- v. to take a photo of [blend of ‘expose’ and ‘film’]
vúplahanzat|a	- n.neut. photograph, photo 
vúrad|e 	- v.i. to be peaceful, sound (asleep), quiescent [against-destruction]
vúram 	- n.masc. treason [against-queen]
vúrek|a 	- v.i. to be serious [against-laugh]
vúren 	- n.masc. blasphemy, cacophony [against-religon]
vúr|an 	- v.i. to be inhumane [against-person]
vúr|an 	- v.i. to be irritable [aggressive]
vúr|e 	- v. to disagree [against-idea]
vús 	- v. to commit a crime [against-law]
vús 	- v. to distrust [against-order]
vúsan(a)d|a 	- v. to disrespect, to offend [against-superior-inferior]
vúsandad|e 	- v.i. to be disrespectful [against-superior-inferior-adjective]
vúsh	- v. to question authority, to criticise [against-master]
vúsh	- v.i. to be controversial [against-classic]
vúsh 	- v. to compress [against-stretch]
vúsh 	- v.i. to be immoral [against-good]
vúsh 	- v.i. to be passive [against-do]
vúsh 	- v.i. to be private [against-touch]
vúsuped|e 	- v.i. to be avoidant [against-come-adjective]
vúsup|e 	- v. to avoid [against-come]
vútten 	- v. to endure [against-stop]
vút|a 	- v.i. to be reverse [against-way]
vút|u 	- v.i. to be unforgiving [against-apology]
wèm(a)b|an 	- n.neut. wèmban character, Wèmban writing system (plural) [radical]
wèn 	- n.fem. letter, character, grapheme
wénhan 	- n.fem. culture [popular-thing]
wénzenslen	- n.mass. fashion [popular-clothes] 
wéshedis	- n.fem. spatial awareness (clipped)	
wé|n 	- v.i. to be popular, to be famous 
wobán 	- n.masc. machine [move-part]
wobán(e)d|e 	- v.i. to be mechanical [move-part-adjective]
wofés	- n.fem. robot
wohimhyè 	- v. to show up [move-go-near]
wohú 	- v.i. to sail, to drift [move-ship]
wohyè 	- v. to pass [move-near]
wolaglanè	- n.mass. animal feed [’for-animal’-food] 
wolemhon 	- v. to perform (in dancing or sport) [move-be-mind]
wolúhu	- v.i. to have rough animal-like sex	
wozémnad|e 	- v.i. to be abrupt [move-round-end-adjective]
wozém|am 	- v. to stop something, to pause something [move-round-end]
wozénesh	- v.i. to unwind
wozé|m 	- v.i. to rotate, to spin, to pass the time [move-round]
wozhehan 	- v. to play a board game, to take a turn [move-small-thing]
wó	- pro. I, singular first person pronoun
wón	- pro. we, plural first person pronoun
w|o 	- n.neut. animal
w|o 	- v.i. to move
yegà	- n.neut. death without reincarnation, the worst possible fate (clipped)
yegàs	- v.i. to die without reincarnation (clipped)
yegàsik|o	- n.neut. death without reincarnation, the worst possible fate
yegàsik|o	- v.i. to die without reincarnation
yehlùsh|a	- n.neut. film camera
yehré 	- v.i. to be heavy, to be difficult
yehrébafen	- n.mass. barite [heavy-crystal]
yehrégran	- n.mass. wolfram, tungsten [heavy-stone]
yehrékoushun	- n.mass. strontium
yehrépelan	- n.mass. platinum [heavy-silver]
yehús	- n.fem. flag ship
yeken|e	- n.neut. on-switch
yekén	- n.mass. glucose
yeké|n	- n.neut. career
yekó	- n.neut. pro-type, prime example
yekó	- v.i. to be typical
yenè|m	- v.i. to be silent
yenéchen	- n.fem. today
yesàn	- n.fem. the elemental cycle
yeshák(a)r|a	- n.neut. index finger
yeshák(a)r|a	- v. to point to, to indicate
yeshemhan	- n.neut. mot juste, the right word
yeshenkendá	- n.masc. phone, segment (linguistics)
yeshì	- v.i. to be niché
yevéhan	- n.neut. first name, given name, forename
yezhámhan	- n.fem. the universe
yezhén	- n.mass. iron
yezhunè	- n.mass. Yezhunè, an alcoholic drink
yè 	- n.neut. idea, theory
yè 	- v.i. to be low
yèb|e 	- v.i. to sink, to drop, to fall [low-heavy]
yègat	- post. beneath [low-at]
yègehan 	- n.neut. root [low-ground-thing]
yègen 	- n.fem. sect, cult, denomination; music genre
yège|n 	- n.neut. surface, face (of a polyhedron), polygon [flat-shape]
yèg|e 	- v.i. to be underground [low-ground]
yèhyet	- post. below [low-near]
yèlen 	- n.fem. underwater, the deep [low-place]
yèlen 	- n.masc. bottom, down [low-place]
yèlen|de 	- v.i. to be underwater, submarine, aquatic, submerged; to be interested [low-place-adjective]
yèles	- n.fem. religious ceremony; music concert
yèmben 	- post. anticlockwise [beyond-now]
yèmbenmashen 	- n.masc. descendant [beyond-now-mother-daughter]
yèn	- n.neut. breakfast	
yèn 	- n.masc. comfort-zone [stable]
yèn 	- n.masc. table [from Shiholiro]
yèn 	- n.mass. music
yèn 	- post. beyond
yèndes 	- n.fem. morning, dawn [after-night]
yènhan 	- n.masc. subway, underpass [tunnel]
yèn|an 	- v.i. to be non-negotiable [beyond-peace]
yèren 	- post. under [low-beyond]
yèrenlatin 	- n.mass. chalcopyrite [low-beyond-hold-copper]
yès 	- n.fem. religion; song, tune, melody, a piece of music
yèshen 	- n.fem. joy [song-emotion]
yèshen 	- n.fem. the spiritiual world; a positive, joyful atmosphere [idea-emotion]
yèshen 	- post. out [low-out]
yèshenhan 	- n.neut. toy [song-emotion-thing]
yèshenw|o 	- v.i. to play (children) [song-emotion-move]
yèshenzha 	- n.neut. a priest/priestess who specialises in astral projection and the spirit world [idea-emotion-professional]
yèsh|e	- v.i. to play (children) (clipped) 
yèsh|e 	- n.neut. priest/priestess, musician [religion-master]
yé 	- n.neut. heart, core, nucleus; vowel; extrovert
yéches 	- n.fem. business [many-do]
yédaven	- n.mass. net, grid, lace [augmentative n.mass. of cross]
yédaven	- v.i. to be hatched, criss-crossed
yédavenzhen	- n.mass. tellurium [hatched-metal]
yéf|o	- n.neut. factotum, polymath, jack of all trades
yégan 	- n.fem. sun
yéhan	- n.fem. will, desire [will-thing]
yéhangan 	- n.fem. ambition
yéhanmen	- int. hello everyone
yéhus 	- n.fem. fleet [many-ship]
yéjoreg|en 	- n.neut. platonic solid (mathematical) [many-same-flat-shape]
yéken	- n.masc. proton
yékko 	- n.neut. spring [from Heyuhete word ‘life’]
yémpelan 	- n.mass. electrum [gold-silver]
yén 	- n.fem. brook [stream]
yén 	- n.masc. non-castrated male unicorn [male.unicorn]
yén 	- n.mass. gold, light
yénempakwen	- n.mass. caesium [gold-butter]
yéngan 	- n.fem. river
yéngen 	- n.fem. stream
yénhoanshan	- n.mass. molten gold [gold-liquid]
yénsan 	- n.fem. treasure [gold-hide]
yénshos 	- n.fem. account [gold-count]
yéntes 	- n.fem. interest (banking) [gold-gain]
yéntesh 	- v.i. to be poor [gold-gain-small]
yépan	- n.neut. neutron
yérahalen 	- n.mass. archipelago [many-sea-place]
yéran 	- n.fem. company [many-person]
yéreg|en 	- n.neut. polyhedron [many-flat-shape]
yéren 	- n.fem. Yéren, 16 Lés (unit of currency)
yér|en 	- v.i. to be wealthy, rich [many-gold]
yés	- quant. many
yés 	- n.fem. beam, ray
yés 	- v.i. to be many, often, frequently
yésazon 	- n.masc. office [headquarters]
yéshahane	- v.i. to be erudite, scholarly
yéshen	- v.i. to be multicoloured
yéshus	- n.fem. polyglot
yésleshen 	- n.mass. atmosphere
yét|e 	- v.i. to be extroverted [male.unicorn-adjective]
yézhettekeden 	- n.mass. biosphere
yobetí 	- v. to recruit [from Ouchiwu]
yonhá	- v. to lend, to loan [allow-use] 
yoppí 	- n.neut. leaf (formal) [blade]
yoppín 	- n.masc. blade [from Ouchiwu]
yoppíren 	- n.masc. knife [dim. of blade]
yoppís 	- n.fem. fin (of a fish) [blade]
yógen 	- n.fem. fry
yós 	- n.fem. fish
yósanledaven	- n.mass. fishing net [net for fish]
yóven 	- n.fem. loop [fish-character]
yóven|de 	- v.i. to be looped [fish-character-adjective]
y|on 	- v. to allow, to let, to permit
za 	- v.i. to be rotten
zaglanè	- n.mass. rotten food, detritus [rotten-food]
zagràn 	- n.masc. corpse [rotten-body.part]
zalèn 	- n.masc. animal carcass [rotten-animal.part]
zas 	- n.fem. bath
zazhanè 	- n.mass. poison [rotten-water]
zazhunè 	- n.mass. vinegar [rotten-alcohol]
za|n 	- v.i. to be real, actual
zá 	- n.neut. back
zá 	- v. to show something, to tell something 
zá 	- v.i. to be dorsal
záb|a 	- v. to sing (to an audience) [show-voice]
záb|e 	- v. to introduce someone [show-friend]
zádan	- n.masc. candle, candlestick (clipped), penis (euphemism)
zádan	- n.mass. wax, candle-wax (clipped), semen (euphemism)
zádanden	- n.masc. candle flame; bioluminescence lines on a penis (slang) [candle-flame]
záf|o 	- v. to intimidate [show-power]
záhon	- n.fem. exegesis, explanation, interpretation
záhon 	- v. to explain [show-mind]
zák|o 	- v.i. to tell a story [show-story]
zálen 	- n.fem. south [south-place]
zápenhan 	- n.fem. show, play, exibition, display; a musical performance, concert [show-beautiful-thing]
záp|e 	- v. to turn away [show-back]
záp|en	- v. to display a piece of art; to perform a musical composition [show-beautiful]
zás	- n.fem. bravado
zás	- v. to brag about something
zásh 	- v. to cry [to express oneself, outburst]
zát|a 	- v. to direct [show-way]
ze	- dem. that
ze 	- v.i. to be far, distant; to have gone away
zebà 	- v. to hike [far-walk]
zeglanè	- n.mass. fungicide
zegùd|e 	- v.i. to be foreign [far-country-adjective]
zegùs 	- n.fem. overseas [far-country]
zegùsh|u 	- n.neut. foreign language [far-country-language]
zehy|o 	- v. to shoot [far-hit]
zeló 	- v. to jog [far-run]
zemnà	- n.masc. lid, cover
zem|na 	- v. to not listen [cover-ear]
zen 	- n.fem. realm, layer
zendà 	- n.masc. bead, marble
zene|an 	- v. to not look, to look away [cover-eye]
zeng(a)l|a 	- v. to store food [cover-food]
zenslebán	- n.neut. piece of clothing, garment
zenslenè	- n.mass. cloth, material; clothes
zenslenè	- v. to wear; to act as, to pretend to be, to dress up as
zenslengen 	- n.fem. patch [cover-hollow-shape]
zenzemnà 	- n.masc. unicorn manure, fertiliser [cover-cover]
zenzhán	- v. to wear on the head [cover-head]
ze|m 	- v. to cover, to close, to pack away
ze|n 	- n.neut. sphere, ball
zè 	- n.neut. torus, ring
zèb|an 	- n.neut. crescent, zèban [ring-part]
zér|en	- n.neut. suicide
zér|en	- v.i. to commit suicide
zhadelamfé	- n.neut. con-artist, swindler, cheater 
zhal 	- pro. reflexive for indirect object
zhambán 	- n.masc. crumb [dim. of fragment]
zhambá|n 	- n.neut. fragment [debris]
zhà 	- v. to spread
zháhan 	- n.fem. pole (clipped)
zháhan 	- n.neut. stick (clipped)
zháhon 	- n.neut. a priest/priestess that performs the Sàntsa̤a ritual (clipped)
zhám(e)n|em 	- v.i. floppy [fall-able]
zhámnendakon 	- n.masc. breed of jackalopes with lopped ears [fall-able-ear-breed]
zhámnendan 	- n.masc. floppy ear [fall-able-ear]
zhámoa 	- v.i. to be universal [all-world]
zhámpezhegen	- v.i. to snow (marked in feminine if there’s no subject) [pour-cold-small-earth]
zhám|am 	- n.masc. dam [river-end]
zhán 	- n.fem. head, chapter
zhán(e)t|en 	- n.neut. skull [head-bone]
zhándem 	- n.neut. bookmark [floppy ear]
zhándemfekon 	- n.masc. stupid person, idiot [from a breed of jackalopes with lopped ears]
zháng(a)l|a 	- v.i. to be full, bloated [all-food]
zhángan 	- n.fem. river Zhángan [great river]
zhánlen 	- n.fem. river island [river-place]
zhánshagen 	- n.fem. raindrop
zhánsham(e)f|e - v. to spay; to scatter
zhánshamfes	- n.fem. shower, spray
zhánshan	- v.i. to rain (marked in feminine if there’s no subject)
zhánshan 	- n.mass. rain [fall-water]
zhánshiren 	- n.masc. bridle [head-tack]
zhánsles 	- n.fem. river delta [river-split]
zhányen 	- n.fem. rapids [small waterfall]
zhányes	- quant. all
zhány|e	- n.neut. brain [head-core]
zhánzhan 	- n.fem. waterfall [fall-river]
zhán|em 	- v.i. stupid-looking [floppy]
zhá|m 	- v. to pour, to fall (passive)
zhá|m 	- v.i. to be whole, full, complete, entire
zhá|n	- v.i to be main
zhe	- n.neut. buzz, annoyance
zhe	- v. to buzz, to annoy
zhe 	- num. one
zhebezá	- n.neut. lamp, light-bulb
zhebezádan	- n.masc. candle, candlestick
zhebezádan	- n.mass. wax, candle wax
zhebezán	- n.masc. torch
zheb|ran 	- n.neut. only child [one-child]
zhedanà	- num. one (masculine)
zhedas	- num. one (feminine)
zhedàs	- v.i. to be tendentious, bias [one-way]
zhef(a)r|a	- n.neut. masseuse 
zhefán	- n.neut. knife, blade, bladed tool or weapon
zhefé	- n.neut. inquirer
zheféf|em	- n.neut. host
zhefòsh|u	- n.neut. explosive, bomb
zheganmèn	- n.masc. electrical resistor
zhegigì	- n.neut. spoon
zhegì	- n.neut. shovel
zhehlè	- n.neut. lever
zhehré	- n.neut. tractor
zhehrés	- n.fem. mill, grinder
zhehréshos	- n.fem. fisher, fisherman
zhekepé	- n.neut. jug, pitcher, teapot
zheké|n	- n.neut. worker
zheklamná	- n.masc. hunter, predator
zheklamnás	- v. to be rapacious, ravenous
zhek|a	- n.neut. joker, comedian
zhel 	- pro. reflexive for direct object
zheladesh	- v.i. to self-harm, to worry
zhelì|n	- n.neut. thief, robber, bugler
zhelítesh|u	- n.neut. competitor, rival
zhelón	- n.masc. apostate, heretic
zhelós 	- n.fem. mast [from Sihu]
zhembú 	- v. to enjoy, to appreciate [experience-happy]
zhembút|e 	- v.i. to be fun [experience-happy-adjective]
zhen 	- n.fem. city
zhenash|u	- n.neut. believer
zhendàshen 	- v.i. to feel ashamed (of something, in dative)
zhené	- n.neut. shopper, customer, buyer, spender; giver
zhengàn 	- n.fem. capital city
zhenshé|n 	- v. to feel (emotions) [experience-emotion]
zhenshufés	- n.fem. false believer
zhenshus	- n.fem. religious practitioner
zhen|e	- n.neut. spanner, wrench
zhep|o	- n.neut. hammer, mallet
zhes	- n.fem. fly, flying insect; an annoying woman
zheshafonà	- n.masc. a clumsy, useless person
zheshamèn	- n.masc. electrical conductor
zhesheásh|u	- n.neut. gauge, meter
zheshe|m	- n.neut. speaker, lecturer
zheshufé	- n.neut. conlanger
zheslè	- n.neut. rebel
zhet	- num. one (neuter)
zhevéfes	- n.fem. one star-rating [one-earring]
zhevó	- n.neut. protester
zhevúplahan	- n.neut. photographer
zhevús	- n.fem. misanthrope
zhezenslenè	- n.neut. wearer, fashion model
zhe|n ̩	- v. to experience, to feel
zhè 	- v.i. to be tight, to be short (time); to be small (collocates with interior spaces and buildings); to be fitted (clothes) [squeeze]
zhègoan	- n.mass. juice [squeeze-fruit]
zhèsa|n	- n.neut. shirt
zhèshasa|n	- n.neut. suit
zhèslehy|e	- n.neut. short, underpants [tight-short.skirt]
zhèteg|e	- n.neut. pants, trousers
zhè|m 	- v.i. to be classic, traditional
zhé 	- v. to decide, to judge
zhéchem	- n.neut. beggar
zhégan	- v. to be downstream (of)
zhémpes	- n.fem. pan [metal-bowl]
zhén	- n.masc. land animal [animal]
zhén 	- n.mass. metal
zhénen(a)sh|a 	- n.neut. wire
zhénhan 	- n.masc. bolt [metal-thing]
zhénhoanshan 	- n.mass. molten metal [metal-liquid]
zhénken 	- n.masc. forge [metal-cause]
zhénlunzhon	- n.mass. bismuth [metal-cube]
zhés	- dem. those
zhés	- n.fem. decision maker, boss
zhés	- n.fem. justice, judge
zhétteked|a 	- n.neut. living organism [animal-green-cause-big]
zhézas	- n.fem. prejudice, bias
zhi 	- num. seven
zhís 	- n.fem. swan (clipped)
zhò 	- v. to touch
zhòhon 	- v. to pay attention [touch-mind]
zhó 	- v.i. to be the same, equal, balanced
zhóbelan 	- n.fem. autumn equinox [equal-darken]
zhóbezas	- n.fem. spring equinox [equal-brighten]
zhóchen 	- n.fem. anniversary [same-day]
zhóhoa	- n.neut. doppelganger, look-alike
zhól|e 	- v.i. to be meanwhile, at the same time [same-time]
zhónechen	- n.fem. equinox [equal-night-day]
zhóra 	- n.neut. regular pentagon [same-five]
zhóreg|en 	- n.neut. regular polygon [same-flat-shape]
zhór|an 	- n.neut. peer [same-person]
zhósh|e 	- n.neut. square [same-four]
zhós|am 	- n.neut. equilateral triangle [same-three]
zhunè 	- n.mass. alcohol, booze
zhù 	- num. nine
zín 	- n.masc. a small act of annoyance (clipped)
zobinà	- v. to weaken, to loosen, to disrupt, to make something vulnerable
zobis	- v. to devalue, to tarnish
zofanà	- n.masc. patricide
zofanà	- v.i. to commit patricide
zofén	- v. to block something up, to obstruct
zogén	- n.mass. silica, silicon dioxide
zogén	- v.i. to wash, cleanse, purify
zogénlen	- n.mass. ablution, purification
zogla|m 	- v. to rot, to go off
zogrà|n	- v. to smoothen, to sand down
zohá	- v. to disembowel
zohán	- v. to extirpate, to wipe-out
zokwós	- v. to dethrone, to overpower
zolàn	- n.fem. regicide
zolàn	- v.i. to be regicidal
zolàn	- v.i. to commit regicide
zolen	- n.fem. mortuary 
zomàfas	- n.fem. parricide
zomàfas	- v.i. to commit parricide, to kill a parent
zomàs	- n.fem. matricide
zomàs	- v.i. to commit matricide
zone|an	- v.i. to vanish, to disappear
zop|o	- n.neut. final blow
zosha	- v. to suppress knowledge of something
zosheké|n	- v.i. to retire
zoshenàn	- n.mass. insecticide
zoshe|m	- v. to cut off, to silence, to interrupt
zoslén	- n.mass. alumina, aluminium oxide
zoso|a	- v.i. to wake up, to get up 
zotà	- v. to untie, to unlink, to severe
zotekedán	- n.mass. herbicide
zová	- n.neut. infanticide
zová	- v.i. to commit infanticide
zovív|i	- v. to discipline, to tell off
zovonà	- v. to demolish
zovúl|a	- v.i. to yield, to give up, to surrender
zovúm|an	- v. to discipline, to tell off
zozenslenè	- v. to strip naked
zón	- n.masc. soldier, infantry (clipped)
zón 	- n.mass. hardwood (clipped)