The Nìmpyèràn


The five main nìmpyèràn subspecies:

  • Sle̤slipyè (centre)
  • Hakyapyè (bottom-right)
  • Tsa̤atipyè (top-right)
  • Gi̤hopyè (bottom-left)
  • Adi̤pyè (top-left)

The nìmpyèràn are a humanoid species originating from Hajám region of the Dákedan continent. During the latter half of the Ba̤ito̤ empire’s reign, they began to establish colonies across lands surrounding the Síataha̤a ocean.

The first humans to encounter the Nìmpyèràn was an expedition group mapping the east coast of the Bèdan continent. The colony that they came in contact with later became the nation of Bèrangüs.

The word ‘nìmpyèràn’ was coined by the Ba̤ito̤ empire to emphasize the common heritage of the five subspecies. In Nìmpyèshiu, it literally means silent-race-person. The true reason for this is unknown. However, a common explanation is that in nìmpyèràn mythology Nìm is the name of the first woman, so the word can be interpreted as ‘a person of Nìm’s race’.

Nìmpyèràn anatomy is similar to human anatomy, but with a few physical differences: fin-like structures (préi) that extend from the ear lobes down along the jawline, and coloured lines on their skin (téragrè).The specific appearance of these features varies across the five subspecies of nìmpyèràn.

Nìmpyèràn physiology is adapted to have a symbiotic relationship with the elements and can be controlled through the discipline of Nanté. The coloured lines allow the transmission of signals which interact with the elements, The fin-like structures act as a sensory organ for receiving signals that resonate from the elements. This means that the nìmpyèràn are able to consciously control and process signals to manipulate the elements. This also means that the nìmpyèran are capable of using telepathy.

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